Her name is Milet Miranda.

A travel junkie. A Daredevil. She is addicted to the tremendous rush of adrenaline that flows into her bloodstream during dangerous moments. Scuba diving, cliff diving and bungee jumping are only a few things on her bucket list, which of course some of it she already crossed out. She is an avid proponent of living life to its fullest, and only fears descending into the shadowless world of the mundane.

An adrenaline junkie. There were a couple of instances in her childhood days when she was rushed in the ER to get stitches. 'Malikot' is how her parents describe her. But no matter how many punishment she received from her folks, it did not spare her from constant pursuit of thrills and adventures.
Photo taken at Mui Ne, Vietnam
Project Gora is her personal blog. Gora is a gay lingo you would frequently hear from her. She is a registered nurse currently trapped in a corporate world. In her desperate endeavour to break the monotony of her life, she found herself blogging and backpacking. She works from Mondays through Fridays that's why most of her trips are on a do-it-on-a-weekend basis.

Her visual weapon of choice - a Nikon D5100. After several months of contemplating, she decided to make a jump from a point and shoot to an entry level DSLR. Though her skills in photography is not great, she would appreciate if you ask permission before using any images from her blog.

In any case, You can contact her at projectgora.inquiry@yahoo.com. Thanks for dropping by :)

Finally I had the time to update the about me section! And I referred to myself in third person :)