Glamping Above Sea of Clouds at Valleypoint Campsite (Benguet)

Sunday, November 24, 2019

It's that time of year again when the cold spell hits the northern Philippines. During this period of time, there are two things you can do – explore the city of Baguio or experience camping in the mountains of Benguet. You can actually hit two birds with one stone, just like what my friends and I did a few weeks ago. Thank the heavens I found out about Valleypoint Campsite on Facebook!
Glamping Above Sea of Clouds at Valleypoint Campsite (Benguet)
Getting to Valleypoint Campsite from Manila
It’s easy to get to Valleypoint Campsite from Manila by private car or public transportation. My friends and I took a bus (Genesis) from Cubao at 6 in the morning. It was around 12 in the afternoon when we arrived in Baguio City. It would have been a shorter travel time if left earlier. Traffic in EDSA and Baguio was crazy.

By Private Car: Use Google Maps or Waze. The quickest route from Manila to Baguio is via TPLEX Pozorrubio.

By Public Transportation: From Manila (Cubao, Pasay or Sampaloc), ride any bus going to Baguio and ask the conductor to drop you off at Green Valley (landmark is Petron Gas Station). Travel time is about 4-6 hours and one way bus fare is 550 pesos. From Petron, ride a jeepney or taxi and get off at Sto. Tomas checkpoint. Once at the checkpoint, inform the guards that you are a guest of Valleypoint Campsite. The campsite is just a short walk from there.
My friend and I on our way to Baguio City 
We did not go straight to Valleypoint Campsite when we arrived in Baguio City. My friends and I decided to have lunch at Sage (pronounced Saj), one of the top-rated restaurants in TripAdvisor. Located along Military Cut-off Road, this restaurant serves savory entrees, delectable dishes and sweet desserts. We ordered salted egg potato chips, Creamy Bulalo Steak served with steamed java rice and Porkchops with Apples, and Basil Shrimp Pasta. All tasted great and incredibly filling. If you find yourself in Sage, order just enough food so you can save room for dessert!
our lunch at Sage in Baguio City
My Glamping Experience at Valleypoint Campsite
As soon as we arrived at Valleypoint Campsite, Ken and I checked in to our tent while Pat and Dani checked in to the dorm room. It was a fast and hassle-free check in process at the reception. The weather was not that great that day so we decided to roam around the property after we left our stuff inside the tent/room. We were hoping to see the panoramic view of the surrounding mountains, but instead we were welcomed by a thick fog blanketing the entire area. We literally did not see anything at the campsite so we decided to hang out at the camper’s area for some coffee.

the entire area covered with thick fog
By the way, if you are curious to know what the tents look like, here you go. The tents are dual layer and waterproof. Inside you’ll find a comfy mattress (Uratex brand), bed sheet, pillows and thick blankets. 
our tent :)
my friends and I at the camper's area
Ulimited Coffee
there were books too if you want something to read while at the camper's area
At dusk, the temperature dropped to around 15°C. I am extremely sensitive to cold temperatures so it just took one chilly breeze to make me shiver. Thankfully, I came prepared with my ever reliable heattech leggings, turtle neck shirt and jacket. After dinner and a little inuman session, my friends and I decided to go back to our respective tent/room. I slept like a baby and woke up to my alarm the next day. Some of the campers were up to watch the sunrise, which did not disappoint. 
giant teddy bears for the young and the young at heart
The weather was perfect which allowed me to fly my Mavic Air named Pretty Little Beast. I was able to capture some drones shots but I wasn’t able to go higher because of the maximum flight altitude of 100m above ground (and because I was scared too! lol). These drone photos below will show you what Valleypoint Campsite looks like and its surrounding area.
my friend and I at the campsite
Those little huts on the left side are new addition to Valleypoint Campsite's accommotion options
bird's eye view of the campsite

view from the campsite
Dining at Valleypoint Campsite’s Restaurant
I love going camping but I hate the idea of roughing it especially when it comes to food. Thankfully, Valleypoint Campsite has its own restaurant where you can sample delicious and reasonably-priced meals. For dinner, my friends and I ordered Crispy Pork Kare Kare, Pork Sinigang, Lumpiang Shanghai, and Pancit. They were delicious and satisfying. Each dish were good for 2-3 pax so all four of us got really full after eating. One thing I did not quite like was the Kare Kare. The sauce and bagoong were perfect but the tough, tooth-breaking rind was a let-down. 

The next day, we had the free breakfast which consisted of garlic fried rice, boiled egg and pork adobo. It was delectable especially when paired with a cup of coffee. It would have been perfect though if they will provide other free breakfast options for campers. For me, it’s always nice to have your choice of bread and homemade jam, or something lighter like oatmeal and fruit.
Crispy Pork Kare Kare
other dishes we ordered for dinner
free breakfast
Coffee with a view? Yass!
Activities at Valleypoint Campsite
Here's where Valleypoint Campsite really excels. Not only were there a plethora of sights to see, you also have a few activities to choose from based on your physical activity level and interests. Want to channel your inner Katniss Everdeen by playing archery? Sure! Feeling adventurous and competitive? Try Airsoft! Want a challenging hike with a scenic view of Baguio City? You can do it. Interested to see the works of local artists in Baguio and Benguet? Check out Kulaaw Art Gallery.

I sucked at playing archery and airsoft when I tried them so I guess I should make a return trip to Valleypoint Campsite soon. Lol!

Note: As part of the Glamping package, you will be given a free activity - archery (10-minute game) or airsoft (150 rounds). If you want to try both, just add 100 pesos per head upon check in. I would also suggest to do your chosen activity on your first day as most guests avail their free activity before check out.
Pat and Dani playing archery
one of the wooden art works at Kulaw Art Gallery
a painting made by a local artist
Other Things to do in Baguio
Baguio is a foodie destination. From their sweet strawberries to authentic Cordilleran dishes, Baguio has something for everyone! When my friends and I checked out from Valleypoint Campsite at around 12 noon, we decided to try one of Baguio’s best food destinations, Baguio Craft Brewery. Located along Marcos Highway, it is Baguio's first craft brewery with freshly- brewed beer from over 20 rotating taps. My friends and I ordered grilled ribs platter. I also ordered Mango Beer because the trip will not be complete without it. Lol. Having the grilled meat paired with beer was a great combination. 
Baguio Craft Brewery's grilled fall-off-the bone ribs with Zigzagger beer BBQ sauce, cajun spiced shrimp, juicy corn on the cob and crispy fries.
The Heavenly Mango Beer
And of course, a trip to Baguio will not be complete without pasalubong shopping in Baguio City Public Market. My friends and I went to the coffee section first to buy inexpensive premium coffee. Here you will find Garcia’s Pure Coffee and Kape Umali, two of the most famous coffee stores in Baguio. Then we went to the vegetable section to buy some vegetables and fruits that are usually expensive in Manila like Broccoli, Cherry Tomatoes, Kale, and strawberries. Lastly, we went to the pasalubong section to buy Good Shepherd's iconic ube jam, Lengua de Gato and Chocolate Flakes.
sunrise at Valleypoint Campsite
Overall Experience
At the end of the trip, I definitely felt that Valleypoint Campsite was worth a longer visit. A weekend trip wasn't nearly enough for me considering the long land travel from Manila. Not only is the campsite worth exploring, there are lots of activities to do and sights to see in Benguet and Baguio City. Valleypoint Campsite is a great campground to base yourself out of, whether you’re traveling with friends or family.

A few things I would like to suggest to Valleypoint Campsite:
  • a portable light inside the tent (it was very dark at night)
  • a secured storage or locker area for valuables
  • additional staff to assist guests with their free activities
  • portable chairs at the campsite for sunset and sunrise viewing
  • more lights along the stairs at the campsite
Useful Info
Valleypoint Campsite
Contact number: (63)908-109-7663 or (63)926-443-1623
Facebook: @valleypointcampsite  
Instagram: @valleypointcampsite

Glamping Package (1,350 pesos for solo traveler, 1,250 pesos for 2 pax, 1,000 pesos for 3 pax, and 850 pesos for 4 pax)
- tent accommodation
- free breakfast
- free parking
- 1 free activity (airsoft or archery)
- access to camper’s area

Backpacker Package (750 pesos per pax)
- dorm-type accommodation
- free breakfast
- free parking
- 1 free activity (airsoft or archery)
- access to camper’s area

Day Tour Package (500 pesos per pax) - from 8:00 AM tho 5:30 PM only
- free water and unlimited coffee
- free parking
- 1 free activity (airsoft or archery)
- access to camper’s area

How about you? Have you been to Valleypoint Campsite? How was your experience? Comment down below!

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