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Thursday, April 04, 2019

Which one sounds better? Jumping all day on a massive inflatable water park, or splashing around in the ocean? What if you don’t have to choose? In other words, you can enjoy these activities (and more!) at the same time on the same location. The great news is, enormous inflatable water parks by the famed Aqua Play Parks will soon be opened in popular beach destinations in the Philippines. If you are like me, who cannot wait to experience this long-awaited water attraction, then read on to see what awaits us! 
Aqua Play Parks Philippines
About Aqua Play Parks 
Now celebrating its 30th year in the business, Aqua Play Parks, founded by the Canadian inflatable water park designer, Peter Appleton, is a unique and innovative water fun company. Their vision is to see the world's largest floating water parks installed on locations across the globe. Aqua Play Parks features a one-of-a-kind temporary inflatable island designed on the same scale as attractions in major theme parks for about a fraction of the cost. Cheaper to build without sacrificing safety and quality. This means profit for the resort owners and enjoyment for tourists.
looks so inviting and thrilling, no? :)
Aqua Play Parks in the Philippines
In 2010, Aqua Play Parks finally made its way to Asia-Pacific when it installed its very first inflatable water park at the famous Club Balai Isabel in Talisay, Batangas. It generated a lot of interests from Filipinos because of its 30-ft. high 3-in-1 Monster Slide. The second water park was installed in Kamia Bay Resort in the world-renowned island destination, Puerto Prinsesa in Palawan. Here you will find the Highest Floating Water Slide in the World as awarded by Guinness World Records in 2016. The third inflatable water park installation of Aqua Play Parks was in Sabando Ocampo Beach Resort located at the scenic beach town of Oas in Albay. 
exciting obstacles
The World’s Highest Floating Water Slide, High Tower Trampoline, 3-in-1 Water Park Slide, and many more!
Now that we know what Aqua Play Parks is, are there any more installations coming this year? Yass! This summer, 3 more inflatable water parks will be opened! The first ever inflatable water park in Mindanao will be installed by Aqua Play Parks in the surfing capital of the Philippines, Siargao. Although not as big as the other floating water parks, this new attraction will feature a stylish glamping area along the famous white sand beach of General Luna. I guess Siargao isn’t for surfers anymore, no? :)
I can't wait to finally experience this!
Another new installation will be the much-awaited Aqua Play Parks at the Seashore Beach Club in San Juan, Batangas. It features 2 giant slides, high trampoline and other thrilling obstacles designed to make our summer getaway one-of-a-kind. I seriously cannot wait to visit this inflatable water park in the holy week!
I will probably skip this human launcher haha!
Last but not the least is the BIGGEST inflatable water park not just in Asia-Pacific, but the world will soon be opened in the province known for Chocolate Hills, Bohol! It features the TALLEST of all slides, Aqua Play Parks’ signature Floating Trampoline Volleyball Court and the first ever Floating Ninja Warrior Course - all of which will set another world record! Can you sense my excitement here? :)
get ready to flex those muscles!
giant water slides FTW!
Interested to get Aqua Play Parks for your resort?
Aqua Play Parks boasts quality and safe obstacles from trampoline, giant slides, human launcher, monkey bars to “stand-alone” pieces like volleyball court and floaters. These water proof obstacle pieces can be rearranged and re-connected to form a race track while floating above the water. These pieces, except the larger slides, can be interchangeable as well. You can easily mix and match these pieces based on your budget and preference. This is something that you can benefit from Aqua Play Parks – flexibility! Want to get more infomation? Contact Aqua Play Parks here.

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What do you think of Aqua Play Parks? Would you like to try it out? Or have you been here before? How was your experience? Let’s chat down below!

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