How I Stay Connected in Japan | A Japan Wifi Buddy Review

Saturday, January 05, 2019

When I was planning my 16-day trip to Japan, the first thing that came to my mind was how can I stay connected anywhere and anytime. As a travel blogger and an entrepreneur, a secure and fast WiFi is like my oxygen. Aside from checking emails, updating my social media accounts, checking orders and shipment for my business, I also use WiFi to get in touch with my family and friends.
autumn colors at Yoyogi Park in Harajuku
While I can certainly use my phone for roaming, it will be such a waste of money because the rates are astronomical and it doesn’t even give you unlimited data. Sim cards are budget-friendly but most of the time there is a data cap. So then I started to look for other options and the most obvious one is using a portable WiFi device.  

A quick search of "The Best Pocket WiFi device in Japan" on Google led me to Japan WiFi Buddy, one of the leading pocket WiFi rental providers in Japan. 
 my portable and lightwieght pocket Wifi
I immediately checked their website to find out what type of pocket WiFi device will be suitable for my needs. Unlike the other pocket WiFi providers I’ve seen online, Japan WiFi Buddy offers a pretty straightforward selection on their website. They offer Silver, Platinum and Diamond plans for their pocket WiFi service.

The Silver Pocket Wifi Buddy (from $ 36.99) offers 170 MB LTE-speed data allowance per day with up to 150 Mbps download speed at optimum conditions. This plan is perfect for light internet usage - navigation using Google Maps, social media, internet search, emails, among others.
Click here to see more information about this plan. 

The Platinum Pocket Wifi Buddy (from $ 45.8) offers 10 GB of LTE-speed data allowance per 3-day period with up to 220 Mbps download speed at optimum conditions. This plan is perfect for light to moderate internet usage - navigation using Google Maps, social media, internet search, emails, YouTube, Netflix, among others.
The Diamond Pocket Wifi Buddy (from $ 45.8) offers UNLIMITED 4G/LTE data allowance with up to 187.5 Mbps download speed. This plan is perfect for heavy internet users like me. With unlimited data allowance, no hesitations, I decided to get this plan for my recent trip to Japan.
Note: All Japan Wifi Buddy pocket WiFi plans offers up to 12 hours battery time and nationwide coverage. Each pocket WiFi device can support 8-10 devices simultaneously. 
really in love with autumn colors :)
What’s included in the box?
Aside from the pocket WiFi device, the box contains a self-addressed prepaid envelope for returning the device, laminated instructions manual, powerbank, protective pouch, adapters and cables. 

How to rent Japan Wifi Buddy's Pocket WiFi?
I placed my order thru their official website. After I selected the Diamond Pocket Wifi Buddy plan, I entered my personal information and travel details. Then, I entered my credit card information for payment. Once the process is completed, I received a confirmation on my email with instructions on how to get the device.
the beautiful Maruyama Park in Sapporo covered in powder snow
How to get Japan Wifi Buddy's Pocket WiFi?
The pocket WiFi device can be delivered to your chosen hotel, hostel, AirBnb, house of a friend in Japan, or at selected airports in Japan. I selected airport pick-up at NARITA Terminal 2. I went to the post office at departure area then I presented my passport to the officer in charge. Just like that, I successfully received my Japan Wifi Buddy's Pocket WiFi.

How does the pocket WiFi work?
Using the device was super easy. There’s no need to download an app or software to connect it to your mobile phone, laptop or tablet. All you need to do is hold down the power button to turn it on. Afterwards, just search the WiFi’s name on your device and enter the password indicated on the laminated instructions manual. That’s it!

How to return Japan Wifi Buddy's Pocket WiFi after the trip?
After my trip, I went to the post office at Narita Terminal 2 to send the self-addressed prepaid envelope containing the pocket WiFi. You may also return the device at any mailboxes, nearest post offices, or even at the front desk of your hotel. 

Overall Experience 
Based on my own personal experience, I can say that getting a Japan Wifi Buddy's Pocket WiFi was a great decision. During my 16-day travel, from Tokyo to Sapporo, I had access to a secure and high-speed internet connection. With no prior research on where to go, what to eat, etc., I found myself not having to worry about getting lost. I found the best routes to wherever easily. I found the best places to eat and shop. It took a second to load a video on YouTube or Netlfix, to post status on Facebook, to share stories on Instagram, to load Google maps, to retrieve emails, and everything else I needed. If you are travelling in Japan anytime soon, I highly recommend getting a Japan Wifi Buddy Pocket WiFi!
Afuri Ramen, one of the top-rated ramen restaurants in Tokyo
Other things I love about Japan Pocket WiFi:
  • Portable and lightweight 
  • Long battery life ( my device lasted 7-8 hours on a single full charge)
  • It has a standby mode which helped the battery lasts longer
  • Easy return and pickup
  • Outstanding customer service (all my email inquiries were answered right away) 
Things they need to add/improve in their service:
  • Add Paypal option (I use Paypal on most of my online transactions because it’s easier to track my expenses)
Useful Info
Japan Wifi Buddy
Official Website:
Contact Number: 1310-961-4699 (US or Skype) 
Email address:

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How about you? How do you stay connected in your travels? Have you used Japan WiFi Buddy or any similar pocket WiFi providers in the past? Let’s chat down below!

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