Japan Chronicles Part 4 (2017) | Fragrant Roses at Hitachi Seaside Park

Thursday, December 27, 2018

You might probably have come across a post on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest of a massive park covered with glorious carpets of flowers either Baby Blue Eyes (Nemophila Menziesii) or the burning bush known as Kochia (Kochia Scoparia). These two flowers are Hitachi Seaside Park’s top two main attractions that attract thousands of both local and foreign tourists every year. Nemophilia blooms from mid-April to early May while Kochia turns from green to crimson from early October to mid-October. 

So, what do you do if your travel date in Japan does not fall in Spring or Autumn? What are you going to see in Hitachi Seaside Park? Good news! This sprawling 190-hectare flower garden in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, has hundreds of flower varieties which rotate its full bloom throughout the year. That means, there is something for everyone to enjoy no matter what the season. 
photo taken at Hitachi Rose Garden
It was already the end of May last year when my friends and I decided to visit Hitachi Seaside Park from Tokyo. I visited this park three years ago when it was the cherry blossom season so I was lucky to see so many flowers in full bloom. Because that visit was memorable, I wanted my friends from the office to see the park as well. Although we did not see the nemophilias, cherry blossoms and kochias, we were very lucky because the roses at the Hitachi Rose Garden were in full bloom! 

Hitachi Seaside Park’s Rose Garden wasn’t that big compared to the Miharashi Hills, where Nemophilias and Kochias were located. But that doesn’t make it any less of an attraction because it has its own charm. On the way to the garden, we passed by the park’s picnic areas and gardens with flowerbeds that burst with poppies and other flower varieties. After about a 15-minute walk from the entrance, we finally reached the fragrant rose garden bursting with many beautiful roses.

It was my first time to see so many different colours of roses! They have the velvety, deep red Hybrid Tea Rose, Sheer Bliss Rose (pale pink), Orange Rose, Yellow Rose, White Rose, among others. According to Hitachi Seaside Park’s website, they currently have about 120 species of roses which are blooming from mid-May until early June. 

If you have plenty of time on your hands and want to experience something new from Tokyo, then a visit to Hitachi Seaside Park will be a great addition to your trip! As I mentioned, flowers change every season, so make sure to check the website’s flower calendar to know which flowers are in bloom. 

How to go to Hitachi Seaside Park from Tokyo? Check this post.

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