Attention GoT Fans! There's a Game of Thrones-Themed Cafe in Quezon City that you should see!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

If you’re a 'Game of Thrones' fan like me, then you surely know that we have to wait until 2019 for the eighth and final season of this epic HBO series. Waiting for over a year for its comeback, with only six episodes according to an official press release of HBO? Yeah, that's pretty cruel for any die-hard fans to come to terms with. So how can we sate our yearnings for Game of Thrones? If you want to do more than just see things related to Jon Snow and the rest of Game of Thrones or if you’d like to eat and drink surrounded by a GoT ambience, then I guess a visit to Westeroast Café will be a fantastic alternative!
The Wall of Faces inspired by the Hall of Faces within the House of Black and White of the Faceless Men.
Watch this short video of my recent visit to Westeroast Café and see what awaits your visit. Make sure to watch in HD for maximum feels!

Game of Thrones Decor and Ambiance
As soon as you enter, you will ­immediately realize Westeroast Cafe is one of the most Instagrammable cafes in Quezon City. You'll be welcomed by a wooden Hodor signage at the door, which is both fascinating and depressing. The imposing Iron Throne replica will surely intimidate you. But of course everyone wants to sit on it! Haha! The wooden interior is ­accentuated by ­tasteful dim lighting to create that GoT vibe. You'll find Game of Thrones memorabilia, from 3D map of Westeros, House Banners, Jon Snow FUNKO Pop Vinyl Figure (I wish they have more of these!), to Game of Thrones books.
The Iron Throne of Westeroast Cafe
read and dine? why not? :)
There are wooden tables and chairs where you can sip coffee or drink milkshake while reading your favorite Game of Thrones book. The cafe also features power outlets so that the customers can charge their gadgets. WIFI is also provided for FREE, which makes Westeroast Cafe an ideal working space for Digital Nomads.
The  most iconic house banner for me is from the House of Stark :) Of course everyone loves them!
Creative Restaurant Menu
Many different kinds of food and drink were shown in the Game of Thrones, from the Pigeon Pie and Bowl of Brown of Westeros, to the fresh horse meat of the Dothraki. However, we aren't living in the Medieval period so it makes more sense to follow the food trends for the Millenials and Gen Z. And that's what Westeroast Cafe did. They serve a range of comfort food, coffee and milkshakes inspired by the Game of Thrones.
Jon Snow Milkshake and French Freys
Caramel Macchiato and the super cute Jon Snow
The Red Wedding Pasta
Theon Greyjoy Sausage Meal (LOL!)
Jon Snow Milkshake
Daenerys Milkshake
Salted Caramel
The tagline “A blend of Fire and Ice” is right on point, indicating what can be found at Westeroast Cafe.
Superb Customer Service
When I asked one of the owners how Westeroast Cafe is different from other coffee shops, she answered, "We have an instagrammable place where GoT fans can have a photo with the Iron Throne and the Wall of Faces. Also, even if our cafe is GoT-themed, we are not only focused with GoT fans. We also cater to students who want to have good coffee and food while studying. We have a fast internet connection and numerous outlets where they can charge their laptops/phones. We also cater to bookworms as we have a lot of recommended books / titles. Aside from that, Westeroast Cafe is also a good venue for events like having a reunion with friends or family. We also have board games that they can use and play for free."

Overall Experience
Incorporating the Game of Thrones vibe into a cafe is a totally fresh and exciting idea. I absolutely love Jon Snow Milkshake, Daenerys Milkshake, French Freys, and the Red Wedding Pasta. I also love the ambiance and the good vibes naturally coming out from the staff. I will definitely be back for some milkshake and coffee. :) Thank you so much Westeroast Cafe for bringing GoT closer to us! Fans like me are definitely happy about it!
Ignore the calories and indulge, you will not be disappointed. See our empty plates and mason jars? :)

Foodie Notes
Address: 27a Biglang Awa St. East Grace Park, Caloocan City, Caloocan, Philippines (this is the new address)
Contact Number: 0908 615 0868
Email Address:
Hours of Operation: 2:00 PM to 11 PM from Tuesday to Sunday 

Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? What do you think of this cafe? Have you tried themed cafes before? Let's chat down below!

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