Weekend Farm Stay at Nauvoo Farm Resort (Pampanga)

Thursday, October 12, 2017

I grew up thinking Pampanga is just all about Kapampangan cuisine and its annual Easter re-enactment of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. But in actuality, it has plenty of destinations perfect for weekend warriors like myself. One of them is Nauvoo Farm Resort in Magalang, Pampanga. Early in September, my blogger friend Franco Ayson invited me for an overnight trip in Nauvoo Farm Resort. He said the bloggers behind Lonely Travelogue, Escape Manila, Turista Trails, Galaero Travels, and I am Traveling Light will be joining the trip. Of course, how could I say no that? (Hi guys! Haha!)

Affordable Rooms and Villas
Set at the foothills of Mt. Arayat in Magalang, Pampanga, Nauvoo Farm Resort is one of the best farm resorts in the area that provides easy access to Banal na Bundok. It currently offers 5 types of accommodation options of carefully crafted native farm houses to complete the Farmville experience.

They have the Sampaguita Villa, which is good for 4 people (3,600 pesos per night). It has two double-sized beds, 32’ LED TV,  a mini fridge, and of course, air-conditioning. Cadena de Amor, on the other hand, could easily fit in 12 people (10,000 pesos per night).
Sampaguita is located on the right side of Rosal
Our group was assigned in Rosal, one of the two bigger villas in the farm. Upon entering, the gigantic flatscreen LED TV easily caught my attention. It has 4K capability and premium cable channels, which tempted me to just stay in the room all day. Seriously.

Like the other villas, Rosal is well appointed and beautifully decorated. It is furnished with spacious wardrobes, 6 bunk beds, table and chairs, mini fridge, water heater, air-conditioning - basically everything you’ll need for your staycation. I should also mention it has a super nice smelling and squeaky clean bathroom. :)
this villa is perfect for big groups
The largest villa in the farm is Ilang- Ilang, which is perfect for big groups (maximum of 14 people & 12,600 pesos per night). It has two double-sized beds and a 32’ LED TV in the loft, 4 bunkbeds and a single bed, a mini fridge, spacious wardrobe, mini living room and 42” LED TV in the lower floor, air-conditioning, and plenty of outlets for your gadgets.
this villa is my favorite :)
Ilang-Ilang's loft
the newest addition to the growing number of villas in Nauvoo Farm Resort
Resort Amenities and Facilities
Since the resort is new to the business, they currently offer limited amenities and services. But fret not! Nauvoo still offers basic array of facilities and services to make your stay relaxing and fun. For those who want to cool down, the resort has the thing for you - a luxurious swimming pool with a spectacular view of Mt. Arayat. At the side of the pool are comfortable lounge chairs and umbrellas for guests’ comfort. Pool service is also available from the bar, which offers a delightful selection of refreshments.
Pinoy Travel Bloggers :)
Hey there Claire and Beng! :)
Interview with one of the owners, Tita Lulu

Resort Activities & Other Things To Do
A stay at Nauvoo Farm Resort will give you a peaceful retreat no matter what time of the year. If you are stressed out in the metro, you can stay for the weekend in the farm, where you can just laze around, sip on fruit juices, not worry about anything you have to do for the day.
looks so inviting, no?

If you're a weekend warrior and you would like to squeeze in a few tourist attractions while you're in the farm, then you may visit the historic Heliograph Towers of Magalang. These two military communication towers were built by the Spaniards during the late 19th century, which was used to send signals to the soldiers of an impending attack. The other historic attractions you can visit are the Magalang Municipal Hall and San Bartolome Parish Church.
 automated color-changing pool
If you're a Roman Catholic, you may reflect and pray during the Holy Week at the “Banal na Bundok” (Holy Mountain), where the 14 life-sized statues of the Stations of the Cross are built. This mountain is not only popular during Mahal na Araw, but also a year-round destination for tourists, especially hikers. If you visit the farm resort during the holy week, or anytime between March to June, then you'll probably witness Mango Harvesting.
Photo of Pinoy Travel Bloggers by Tito Bing
Thank you so much Tito Bing, Tita Lulu and the staff of Nauvoo for making us feel at home. I have no doubt I'll come back for a second time. As always, thank you so much Franco Ayson of Lagaw Travelogue for making this trip possible! And thanks to my co-Pinoy Travel Bloggers who participated in this trip. You guys made this trip one for the books!

Travel Notes
How to get to Nauvoo Farm Resort:
- Board a bus (Five Star Bus) bound for Marquee Mall or Dagupan via Marquee Mall from Cubao. One way fare is 129 pesos and travel time is 1 hour.
- Get off at Marquee Mall and board a jeppney bound for Magalang. One way fare is 20 pesos and travel time is 20 to 30 minutes.
- Get off at Jollibbe at the town proper and take a tricycle to Orchard Village in Brgy. Ayala. Special fare is 100 pesos and travel time is 15 minutes.

Sample Day Trip Budget
Cubao to Marquee Mall - 129 pesos
Marquee Mall to Magalang Town Proper - 20 pesos
Magalang Town Proper to Nauvoo Farm Resort - 100 pesos (can be divided if you're traveling in a group)
Day tour - 200 pesos (free use of resort facilities)
Nauvoo Farm Resort to Magalang Town Proper - 100 pesos
Magalang Town Proper to Marquee Mall - 20 pesos
Marquee Mall to Cubao - 129 pesos
Total: 698 pesos

Sample 2D1N Budget
Cubao to Marquee Mall - 129 pesos
Marquee Mall to Magalang Town Proper - 20 pesos
Magalang Town Proper to Nauvoo Farm Resort - 100 pesos (can be divided if you're traveling in a group)
Overnight Package - 1,000 pesos (per pax)
Nauvoo Farm Resort to Magalang Town Proper - 100 pesos
Magalang Town Proper to Marquee Mall - 20 pesos
Marquee Mall to Cubao - 129 pesos
Total: 1,498 pesos

Nauvoo Farm Resort
Address: Orchard Village, Brgy Ayala, Magalang, Pampanga, Philippines
Contact Numbers: 0917 467 4620 (Globe) and 0928 672 0863 (Smart)
Email address: info@nauvoo.com.ph
Official Website: www.nauvoo.com.ph
Check-in Time: 2.00 p.m.
Check-out Time: 12.00 p.m.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored trip but all opinions are my own.

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