Japan Chronicles Part 11 (2015) | Asakusa, Harajuku, Shibuya and Omotesando

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Crying deep inside because this is the last of my Japan Chronicles this year, and I am not entirely sure if I can go to Fukuoka next month for the Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival. *tears* The good thing about this final post is that I can finally close this chapter knowing that I was able to successfully document my dream travel. I still get kilig whenever I think of Japan :) Anyhow, today I will share some photos from our last day in Tokyo, particularly in Asakusa, Shibuya, Harajuku and Omotesando. Enjoy!
Torii gate at Asakusa
We started early on our last day and took the subway to Asakusa from our hotel in Shin Okubo. Our first destination was Sensoji, Tokyo's oldest and most visited temple. We were greeted by one of the most iconic symbols of Japan, the Torii. The function of torii gates is to mark the entrance to a sacred space. These traditional Japanese gates are most commonly found at the entrance of or within a Shinto shrine, but they are also a common sight at Buddhist temples, like Sensoji. 
Tokyo’s weather was quite perfect on our last day, so two layers of clothing sufficed.  Notice I was wearing my newly purchased platforms I bought the day prior from Harajuku! <3
Founded in 628, Sensoji holds one of the best Matsuri (festival) in Japan - Sanja Matsuri. We arrived in Spring so we did not witness this festival, but we were lucky to see hundreds of Sakuras in full bloom. If we were living Game of Thrones in real life, I would definitely say “spring is coming” as the cherry blossom petals fall off. #feelingjapanese
the shopping street going to Sensoji Temple
The area we walked to get to Sensoji Temple turned out to be Nakamise, an old shopping street full of shops selling variety of traditional snacks and souvenirs. 
the shopping street's not yet crowded at 9 in the morning
lovely cherry blossom trees!
we had some takoyaki for breakfast

My prime lens cannot capture the whole Sensoji Temple T_T
Dragon Fountain at Sensoji Temple
There are many interesting attractions in Sensoji, like the dragon fountain. It is customary to cleanse your hand and mouth in this fountain before entering the temple, but you’re not actually supposed to drink the water. 
In the temple grounds, we found this area where you can obtain an omikuji, a fortune-telling paper strip. Getting one feels like a lottery. You have to shake a small box until a small bamboo stick fell out. The stick had a number on it and you are supposed to find the drawer with the same number. There, you will find a paper strip rolled up or folded. The omikuji I got had a lot written on it, but the general fortune telling statement said ‘Best Fortune’. Yehey! :) 
I got the best fortune!
you will tie the paper strips if you got bad fortune

Buddhist statues outside Sensoji Temple
Japanese paper lanterns of Sensoji Temple
kawaii key chains!
Mikes and Levi
Found the cutest Shingeki no Kyojin goods along Nakamise. I was not expecting to see these in Asakusa because I thought it was all traditional. But hey! It’s Japan! 
I remember the masks worn by the Anbu in Naruto, they are the Special Assassination and Tactical Squad of Konoha
Just before lunch time, we decided to make our way to Shibuya for last minute shopping. It would be my last chance to buy pasalubong for my family and friends, so I decided to spend my remaining yen. I did not expect I would be able to buy so many stuff, I ended up having 2 heavy shopping bags! Since I cannot carry my shopping bags, I decided to go back to our hotel before I meet up with my friends Jett and Maki for lunch. 
busy Shibuya

me and Hachiko <3
the famous Shibuya Crossing
so many people in Shibuya!
In the afternoon, we explored Harajuku and Omotesando. We shopped some more and some more! SRSLY. It was a shopping day. Lol. Japan is really a great shopping destination. We took advantage of the lower conversion rate of yen, and went back to PH with new Nike Air Max shoes, make up goodies and clothes. :)

Welcome to Takeshita Dori!
how the street looks like in the afternoon :)
Now you see me ^_^
H&M Discount Coupons
badass Nike Air Max!
some make up purchase from Shiseido :)
We went back to our hotel late in the evening, utterly exhausted from all the walking and shopping we did. The next day was our scheduled departure from Osaka International Airport, which means we needed to ride a Shinkansen from Tokyo. Because we slept late, we woke up late as well. Lol. We almost missed the Shinkansen! I had one big luggage, one backpack, two heavy shopping bags and 1 box of ramen while we were running to the station. It was toxic! But thankfully, we arrived in Osaka on time! A  Shinkansen will never let you down. ^_^

So, that's how our last day in Tokyo went. It was an epic trip, I must say. I know you guys are tired of me saying I love Japan, but that's how it really is. Even though I have realised my dream to see Japan,  I still want to explore the country even more. I really wish I could come back before 2016 ends! 

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