See you again, our Chingu

Sunday, January 03, 2016

My dog Chingu passed away five days ago. He was two years old. He was smart, amazingly so, stubborn, funny, sweet, and very vocal. He was a member of the family and brought so much joy and warmth into our lives.

RIP my beautiful, good boy. I'll miss you knocking on my door every morning to wake me up. I'll miss your bark when I leave and return from work. I'll miss your bite whenever you want to play with me. I’ll miss seeing you wag your tail at the sound of my voice.

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I’ll always love and remember you. Be sure to say hi to ‪Chiqui‬ too, remember it’s not a goodbye as I know I will see you again! With deep sadness and a massive hole in our lives, we love you always Chingu. T_T


Sorry my dear readers if I shared something depressing at the beginning of 2016. I just want a place where I can write something about my dog. I am totally devastated and I am trying hard to cope with grief. And, I just hate the fact that our society often does not acknowledge loss of a companion animal to be a significant cause for grief. 

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