Turkey: My Biggest Travel Adventure Yet

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Istanbul. The primary reason why I want to travel to Turkey. Why? Because it is where Europe and Asia collide. It is where Constantinople, the ancient capital of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires, was originally located. It is where the blockbuster movie Taken 2 was filmed (Liam Neeson fan here!). It is that one city with an iconic and unmistakable skyline. SRSLY. I could go on for days telling you guys why I want to go to Turkey. Lol.
Istanbul, Turkey
So, at the beginning of the year, I thought of researching a little about how to travel to Turkey, how to obtain visa and such. Surprisingly, it was easier than I expected! I found out Turkey now offers E-visa to Philippine passport holders with valid OECD member’s visa! They provide 30-day single entry E-visas via their website for a minimal fee of USD 20.
Cappadocia, Turkey
Based on my research, tours, accommodation and pocket money would be about 50 percent of the travel expenses. And what usually takes the biggest chunk out of a budget is the price of airline tickets. Tickets to Turkey from Manila are not something I could buy off a Cebu Pacific seat sale - they are a massive purchase that I cannot make lightly. I already did a hundred mock bookings and the cheapest I found is around PHP 34,000. An amount that could fund an entire 7-day adventure to Japan. Huhuhu.
Pamukkale, Turkey
My friends know that I don’t fancy paying for expensive plane tickets. I’m not one of those people who can be all like, “Let’s go to Europe next month! Okay let’s go!” As much as possible, I always try to find the cheapest airfare and most of the time I usually get it. But when it comes to  traveling to Turkey or Europe, it’s a whole different ball game!

Am I still going? Hell yeah.

I don’t know how I will manage to pool together my resources but I know the universe will help me :) My expected travel date is from October 7 to 16 of 2016. 10 days. The journey will begin in Istanbul to Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Ephesus and back to Istanbul.
Ephesus, Turkey
I still have over a year to continuously work harder and smarter, to reallocate my budget, to set my priorities straight and of course believe in the universe. I trust that this trip will be a reality. Woohoo! So, if you are interested to join me in this adventure, you are most welcome! It will be a lot cheaper I promise!

To my readers and friends, please watch this amazing video by Leonardo Dalessandri. I am pretty sure you will fall in love with Turkey.  ^_^

p.s. If you guys have travelled to Turkey, please give me some tips and reminders. I would greatly appreciate that!

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