Am I still in Calaguas?

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Hot dry season ended in this side of the planet. It was raining the whole week and I found myself staring at my photos from my last trip to Calaguas. It was actually my third and fourth visit but the island still amazes me. The beach is still stunning but when you are surrounded by hundreds of tourists, I can’t help but ask “Am I still in Calaguas?” 
3rd and 4th visit to Calaguas ^_^
Calaguas, for me, is that one place I can call my private patch of paradise. This place brings back people to nature and simple living. There is no wifi, no electricity and all the usual tourists comforts. With only a few people around, this is the perfect place to go off the grid. A place for social media and technology detox which I badly needed.
Yani, Ken, Marj, Nermahl, Vince, Janice and Sheila
It does not seem crowded in these photos, but seriously when we were there, it was as if we were in Boracay or Puerto Galera. It certainly not the Calaguas I used to know. At night, mobile bars and loud speakers are everywhere! And the most despicable of all are the tourists who never cared to pick up their own trash! It was crazy!
My friend Jerome's Bagoong Rice with Chicken Adobo - Yum!
Thank the universe for my tripod! We can take photos all we want!
There were many beach cottages now than last year.
Marj, Janice, Ken and Sheila

Janice, Ken, Jerome, Sheila and Yani
Yani and Vince
Sheila, Ken, Janice, Me and Yani
Haha! Bend pa more!
My fourth visit in Calaguas with Sheila and friends :)
These kids were our guide to the viewpoint
Marj and Tatz
Tranquility. True Peace. Island Life. Clear, turquoise-colored waters. Fine, white sand. Friendly locals. Can we preserve these? :(
I told you, the beach is still stunning!
Sheila and friends :)
Perfect beach and perfect weather :)
Am I still in Calaguas?
Photo taken last May 2015
I know I have no right to dictate how people should behave in Calaguas, but please respect the island, most especially the locals. It’s their home. The Government of Camarines Norte should act on this issue now. It has been a concern since 2012 and now it’s 2015. Tour operators and organizers should should take responsibility as well. People who have experienced the unspoilt island life in Calaguas share the same sentiments. Do we have to wait until we can no longer recognize Calaguas?

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  1. ang ganda naman jan sis! it looks you all have fun!


  2. That's the cons when an island has been commercialised. Not only that the residents but the tourists visiting the island should take care of it too. Maybe next year I'll be able to visit this beautiful island =)

  3. I guess travel blogging has become a real double-edged sword. When you blog about an unspoiled place, people will get curious. And eventually more people will go and somehow destroy it. Sad :(

    But anyhow, go there on a weekday. Summer is always the best time to go.

  4. ganda ng pics. i miss that island saka ang pinas na rin.