Ramen Series 1: Ramen Nagi

Friday, February 20, 2015

I never really understood why Naruto loves Ramen so much. When I first tasted Ramen in Sumo Sam back in 2012, I did not like it. Their Ramen is just plain salt, water and noodles. Though there are other ingredients like mushroom, the taste is not good. I was so disappointed I never bothered eating Ramen again.
My second favourite in Ramen Nagi
Fast forward to 2014, the Ramen craze has hit the Philippines. Many Ramen houses started to open promising a one of a kind Ramen experience. I tried several, their Ramen was okay nothing spectacular. And then I found, Ramen Nagi. It was, to my mind, without a doubt the best ramen I’ve tried so far in the Philippines. I was just blown away by the quality. Since then, I  always find time to go to Ramen Nagi whenever I feel like eating or whenever I feel stressed at work. I can’t remember how many Ramen I’ve eaten! SRSLY!
Green King
In Ramen Nagi, as soon as you sat down, you will be given a sheet of paper (omotensahi sheet) where you can select the type of Ramen you want. You can customise it as well! You can choose the richness of the broth, the hardness of noodles, how much garlic you want and so on. For first timers, you can select “Chef’s Recommendation” and the chef will decide what’s best for your Ramen. Amazing right?! :)
Limited Edition Ebi King
I love the dining atmosphere as well. When a customer enters, the staff will shout “Irashaimase!” which is welcome greeting in Japanese. It feels like I’m dining in one of the Ramen houses in Japan :) Sharing a table is one of the practices here as well and I found out other people did not like it. Arte much! That’s how Ramen house should be like!
all time favourite side dish, Karage
I hope the Ramen culture in Japan should be adapted in the Philippines as well. Ramen house should be something like Ichiraku Ramen in Naruto. It should be a place where you will not be judged by others, where you could spend good times with friends and family. 
my Ramen Buddies :)
I will be in Japan next month and one of the things I will do is to find a Ramen place that will exceed my expectations. I’m really excited to line up and finish my bowl within five minutes! :)

Project Gora Ramen Rating

Ramen Nagi (SM City North EDSA)
G/F SM City North EDSA , North Ave Sto. Cristo, Quezon City(02) 374-0503

Original Butao King - 390 pesos
Red King - 410 pesos <- this is my absolute favourite!
Black King - 410 pesos 
Green King - 410 pesos 
Karage - 200 pesos

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The Cocoon Boutique Hotel
61 Scout Tobias Corner Scout Rallos Streets, Bgy Laging Handa, Quezon City, Luzon 1103, Philippines

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Red Planet Quezon Timog
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B Hotel Quezon City
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Meranti Hotel
82 Scout Castor, Bgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City, Luzon 1103, Philippines

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  1. Hello Sis! Glad you like my post! Hope you have a wonderful week! :)

  2. kaloka ang presyo! wahhhh! nice adventure though..

  3. Big servings naman tsaka masarap talaga :)

  4. Hi Milet! Did you like their Green King? I always stay on the safe side and order the original butao haha boring. But I find the prices in Manila a bit steep compared here in Taipei.

  5. To be honest, Green King is my least favourite. I guess I just don't like the idea of having pesto, basil and parmesan cheese in my ramen. :)

  6. Hi Milet! Kaw pala si Project Gora!! OMG! Instant idol na kita! I just saw a link of this blog from PEX ;-) Tatambay din ako dito hihih.

  7. Hello Ada! Nasa PEX ka din pala? Sige tambay lang, suki na din ako ng blog mo lalo na ng mga Japan posts mo ^_^

  8. Thanks girl! Oo sumisilip lang ako sa PH minsan Haha. How many days kayo sa Japan? Mag Totokyo ba kayo?

  9. Yup. 9 days kami. Osaka - Kyoto - Shirakawago - Takayama - Tokyo ang route namin. Sa Tokyo ka ba naka base? :)

  10. Sarap ng itinerary niyo waaa! Sa Kanagawa ako nakabase, pag nagawi ako ng Tokyo message kita :-D

  11. Haven't tried Ramen Nagi yet but I love eating ramen! Right now I'm craving for Happiness ramen of Hanamaruken (^-^) Have you tried that one yet?

  12. Not yet :( I honestly have not been to any other Ramen restaurants in the past year because of Ramen Nagi. Adik na talaga ako haha! Please let me know kung masarap sa Hanamaruken :)