Coron, Palawan: Our First Mother-Daughter Travel

Friday, December 19, 2014

This is supposed to be a family trip but my father does not want to leave his fighting cocks and our two dogs he decided to stay home. I booked our tickets months ago, so imagine my immense anticipation and my disappointment when he said he will not join us. What a waste! But anyhow, my mother and I enjoyed the trip. It was our first mother-daughter travel after all :)

the view of Kayangan Lake
Me being me, I decided to go DIY as usual, except for our island tour. I am sure you will also agree that nothing beats the sense of adventure that comes when you travel at your own pace. My mother enjoyed it as well, though she does not like too much walking lol.

my mom enjoying the view at Mt. Tapyas Hotel's viewdeck 
 Since we basically had 2 whole days in Coron, we decided to allot our fist day for pasalubong shopping and relaxing. We went to Sinugba sa Balay for lunch. Good thing Coron is a little town so after eating, we went staright to the local market which is only a few blocks away from Sinugba.
mee goreng
I was surprised souvenir shirts are cheap in Coron! The cheapest we found costs 120 php. We also found stores selling dried seafood like my all time favorite dangit :) We also bought marinated dangit which is a local specialty. Then we went back to the hotel to relax :)
going to Kayangan Lake
Our second day was pure ecstasy! We availed the best seller tour of Coron Galeri which costs 650 pesos per person. The destinations are CYC Island, Twin Peaks Reef, Kayangan Lake, Calachuchi Beach and Hidden Lagoon.
at Twin Peaks Reef
Our first and second destinations were CYC Beach and Twin Peaks Reef.  The seawater was not calm at that time so I opted to wear a life vest which gave me a hard time moving around. Thousands of different corals, starfish and various fishes are all abundant in this area. We didn't get to see turtles and big fishes but I must say the snorkeling experience left me in awe.

at Kayangan Lake
Kayangan Lake is our third destination which is my absolute favorite! My mother did not go swimming no matter how hard our tour guide tried to persuade her. My mom said she would just like to marvel at the views. Iba na talaga tumatanda. Haha.
see how clear the water is?

The lake is hidden behind massive limestone rock formations. So to get to the perfect vantage point, we go up and down the ladder and walk on wooden bridges. 
lunch included in the island tour package
They served lunch after we toured Kayangan Lake. We're supposed to have lunch in Calachuchi Beach but it was low tide at that time so we have no choice but to eat in the boat. We ate rice, grilled fish and pork, seaweed with tomatoes and onions, and bananas.

tsambang split level photography :)
With our energies revived, all tourists on board wore their life jackets again except my mother and other not so young vacationer.  Our last destination was Hidden Lagoon.
mother and I at Hidden Lagoon
hidden lagoon

crystal clear at hidden lagoon
Before we knew it, we were already on our way back to Coron town. And of course, our vacation will not be complete without a sumptuous dinner at Asia Grand View Hotel. There are no other people aside from us and it looked like we reserved the whole place for ourselves :) They took our orders right away, gave us some bread while waiting and served the food after 15 minutes.

At Asia Grand View Hotel
The food was superb and not that expensive compared to other restaurants in Coron. Pad Thai costs 250 pesos and mixed seafood pizza costs 300 pesos (good for three).
pad thai, so yummy!
They also have live music, Jimmy and Maria are fantastic! I never thought songs of Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry can sound that awesome! To the staff of Asia Grand View, thanks for the great service!
Jimmy and Maria
Prior to the trip, my mother wanted to cancel our vacation. Like what she and my father always tell me, traveling is expensive. But I keep on telling them that it's not. It was depressing to always hear this from them. Now, my mother (at least) realized that you don't have to spend a lot to travel. She was really fascinated with Coron and wishes to come back. This trip was very memorable for me and I know for my mother as well. I realized my parents are getting older and my time with them is limited. So, from now on, part of my personal goals every year will be to treat my mother and father to a vacation. :)

How about you? When was the last time you and your mother (and father) went on a trip?

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  1. More travel tandem with your mom! :)

  2. I remember reading about this on your bucket list if I'm not mistaken :) I also enjoy traveling with my mom and it has become a yearly thing na rin. Magastos but it is worth it when I see her smile and enjoying :) To more travels with our mothers! :)

  3. I really enjoyed the trip. Iba kasi pag family ang kasama, walang pressure gumising ng maaga just to follow the itinerary. I'm looking forward to our next trip :)