Simple Travel Hack to Help You Find Cheap Flights

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Japan is one of the most expensive countries on the planet to visit and my friends and I will be going there on March 2015. While Cebu Pacific often release seat sales to Japan, I was not able to book anything this year because the travel dates are only from January to March 2015. Our trip will extend to April 2015 so obviously it's not our option.

Couple of weeks ago, I was pretty desperate to get flights to Japan because our trip is coming soon. Well, not really soon but it's the start of peak season and I'm afraid the flights will be so expensive. I even went to Philippine Airlines' Travel Fair but unfortunately I did not get any cheap flights. They offered a different travel date (3rd week of March 2015) which costs 17,000 php per person. We will depart from Manila on March 27, 2015 so that won't work. I just wasted seven hours of my life for that stupid event!

Anyhow, I recently learned this trick and I was overjoyed because we saved 10,000 php! I don't know if it only works for flights to Japan but you can give it a try. :)

Step #1 Search for flights using Skyscanner 
There are so many flight search engines out there but my personal recommendation is Skyscanner. Basically, it is a flight comparison site which provides comprehensive coverage of flights all over the world. The site not only provides flight schedules but also cheapest prices on a specified destination and date.

In my search the cheapest flight to Osaka, Japan is being offered by Expedia SG and the airline is Jetstar. When you click on the link, you will be directed to Expedia SG and the currency will be SG dollars.

cheapest flight in skyscanner

Step #2 Search for the same flight on Expedia Philippines
For us to make sure that it is indeed the cheapest flight to Osaka, we can use Expedia Philippines. In this case, the price is 48,257 PHP which is more expensive than Expedia SG.

flight search using
Step #3 Search for the same flight on Jetstar
Now, let's search for the same Jetstar flight you found in step #1 on Expedia SG using the Jetstar website. Notice that the price is almost the same as what Expedia Philippines provided.

flight search using Jetstar

Step #4 Compare the prices and use money converter
Now let's compare the prices, Expedia SG is 1,104.36 SG dollars (or 38,284.48 PHP), Expedia Philippines is 48,257 PHP and Jetstar is 48,407.43 PHP. See the difference? Expedia SG is 10,000 PHP less than the price for the same exact flight on Jetstar! Amazing right? :)

enter the amount from Expedia SG
Step #5 Book the flight on Expedia SG (using Skyscanner Link) 

my HSBC credit card charge
So now we're done! Just a reminder though, cheapest flights usually do not include baggage allowance but you can purchase it directly from Jetstar later on. Total price for three people to fly from Manila to Japan return is only 1,104.36 SG dollars. My credit card charged 38,391.59 PHP and that is 12,797.20 PHP per person. So glad we saved 10,000 PHP by doing this method!

There you have it my dear readers! Hope you can give this a try soon! And let me know how it goes! Ciao for now! :)

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  1. i also do this before. but i got into an exclusive travel club which made things a bit easier for me now. but yeah, it takes patience to check everything -- but it pays! :)

  2. I agree. I just recently discovered this and I was really glad this trick saved us a few thousand pesos :)

  3. Hi Milet! I do this ALL THE TIME! Haha even when searching for Taipei-Manila flights on peak season (Imagine Ceb Pac charges almost 24K roundtrip during Chinese New Year holiday)... Found cheaper flights on Skyscanner via Eva Air. Saved me a couple of thousands too! :)

  4. I always score cheap flights whenever Cebu Pac or PAL release seat sales. But I had a hard time finding cheap flights to Japan so I tried this. Good thing it worked for us :)

  5. Never tried to book online my mom did it for me when I went to Malaysia. I will send her this link for reference hehehe


  6. Hope she could save a few thousands bucks using this trick :) Thanks for dropping by nheng!