Campo Santo de San Joaquin, Iloilo

Monday, November 17, 2014

I know it's way past Halloween but I think you guys would appreciate these photos :) I've actually got a lot of photos to share but my external hard drive is messed up. Darn it. I only managed to recover some photos from my trip to Iloilo two years ago. Why is it that whenever I find time to blog, something's gonna be broken? My laptop is broken too, just a week ago, so I'm kinda depressed right now :( 2014 is certainly not a good year for my blogging essentials.
emo mode :)
But anyhow, I want to share some photos taken at Campo Santo de San Joaquin in Iloilo. This is perhaps the most creepy yet picturesque cemetery I've seen so far. 
impressive stone carvings of creepy querubin and death 

We dillied and we dallied on the way home to Brgy. Cataan, Beb's hometown in Iloilo. Though we wanted to sleep early to prepare for our departure to Manila the next day, we couldn’t help but enjoy the old spanish structures in the Southern part of the province. We did not really plan a spooky tour that day, but because we finished church hopping at around 5 in the afternoon, we arrived at the cemetery at around 5:30. Perfect time. Whew! Some of our office mates did not go in, but because I'm a horror freak, I went in first :) 

my friends and I
The Campo Santo (chapel) was built during the Spanish colonial period. It was constructed on top of a hill overlooking the sea with grand stone staircases. According to beb, my officemate from Iloilo, the chapel was earlier used to celebrate mass before the burial. It was later closed to the people in order to preserve the structure.

Genevieve avail mo yan!

obligatory tourist pose :)

When in Iloilo, visit old Colonial era cemeteries like the Campo Santo. This cemetery is somehow preserved and protected in comparison with other heritage sites in the Philippines.

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