Travel Video: Batanes 2014

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

A few weeks back, my kit lens is already acting up. The auto focus is not functioning well. I initially thought there was a problem with my camera shutter. But when I used my prime lens, it's fine. So yeah, it must be the kit lens. My poor kit lens. I use it all the time especially when I take videos. I thought If I give it a rest, it will work again. But I was wrong. It did not work the entire time we were in the northernmost island of the Philippines. Of all places, the unfortunate event had to happen in Batanes. To my ever so loyal kit lens, thank you for your 2 year service.  
Amy and Beb at Racuh Apayaman, touted as the Marlboro Country
Anyhow, here's my travel video featuring some of the tourist attractions in Batanes. Some clips were taken using my prime lens. Hope you enjoy! ^_^

Batanes 2014 from Milet Miranda on Vimeo.

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  1. Great video! I've always wanted to visit Batanes! A lot of people at work have been raving about it.. Hopefully I'll get to visit within the year :)

    x Francesca of

  2. makes me want to go to batanes now :) nice vid! :)