HALLER BALER! (Our Weekend Trip to Baler, Aurora)

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

My friend Rupert never joins out of town barkada trips until our recent weekend trip to Baler, Aurora. Whenever we invite him, it's either he will say yes and ditch us or he will never reply at all. I guess work keeps him busy all the time. Good thing, he recently became a freelancer ergo he can now manage his schedule easily. Good job pert! :)
Patricia's favorite jumpshot pose :)
A week prior, I was hesitant If I should join or not. We didn't have any place to stay and no bus reservation yet. It's summer so we had a hard time looking for a lodging house. I also went to Joy Bus to make reservations but there were no available seats anymore. Darn it. If it weren't for my friends and the promise of so much great laughs, I would have stayed home that weekend. Lol.
from L - R: April, Patricia, Gloren and Rupert
We planned to leave at 12am Saturday but because we were chance passengers, we weren't able to get seats right away. If it's not Joy Bus, then Genesis regular AC bus is the only other option unless we're willing to take the Cabanatuan route. There were so many chance passengers on that day. We waited for hours. We were told there is no available seats anymore. The trip sounds hopeless. When April arrived, she went inside the ticketing office and managed to get reservation number for all of us. GREAT!
photo taken at Ermita Hill
We arrived Baler at 8:00 in the morning. It was certainly a long drive it almost gave my butt pressure ulcers. I thought it would only take 5-6 hours! Well, maybe it took so long because it's an ordinary AC bus? Anyway, when we arrived,  the owner of the place (which happens to be the aunt of our grade school classmate) where are staying is already waiting for us in the terminal. We went to her house to freshen up before the tour. She also arranged the tricycle tour for us. You're a big help Tita Cherry!
Rupert, April and Patricia at Diguisit Falls
I was not expecting to see so much tourist attractions because I always think of surfing whenever I hear Baler, Aurora. I'm not really interested in surfing so I am quite relieved this town has a lot to offer. On our first day, we went to Ermita Hill, Diguisit beach, Diguisit falls and lastly Millenium tree in Maria Aurora. We could have gone to the Ditumabo falls (Mother Falls), but when we heard of the long trek, we changed our minds. Tamad lang. Lol. And besides we were contented with this mini falls haha.
Photo taken at Diguisit Beach
Millenium Tree at Maria Aurora
On our first night, we ate at surfer's grill. I ordered bulalo BBQ which only costs 200 php. Cheap but yummy! After eating we bought drinks and snacks so we can just hang out at Tita Cherry's house. We were supposed to drink beer until  morning and celebrate Rupert's birthday at exactly 12 am, but our sore body cannot take it any longer. We just slept the entire night. Lol. When we woke up, Rupert asked. "Akala ko ba sasalubungin natin birthday ko?" ANYARE?! Sorry friend haha.
Bulalo BBQ!
It was decided that our second and last day in Baler will be spent surfing. But after we ate breakfast we went to check out Museo de Baler. We also tried to find bike rentals but we can't find one. Since Rupert and I do not like to try surfing, we just took photos for Gloren, Patricia and April. There were so many newbie surfers that morning. They always hit each other's surfing board when they reach the shore. With hundreds of people around you, I don't think surfing can be fun. I still don't know what "stoked" means. I know the the term but the feeling? Nah. Maybe I will find out when I get back to Baler. ^_^

Gloren and April got a hang of it quite easily

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  1. My friends and I have been planning on a trip to Baler but we never pushed through. Glad you enjoyed your trip! Lovely photos!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog Jacq! :)

  3. I loved Baler! Been there twice! Yung second na hiking namin towards the waterfall, buwis buhay umaapaw yung tubig. Kelangan kapit todo sa rock. At hindi kmi makaligo sa falls. I loveeee surfing. Gotta have to do it again soon!

  4. We're too lazy to go to Mother Falls, may be next time na lang :)