2015 Philippine Holidays

Thursday, July 24, 2014

When I boarded the plane from Caticlan to Manila, I wondered why is it that I feel time flies quickly? Ang bilis bilis, ayoko pa umalis. We have all experienced it right? I recently found out that this phenomenon is what psychologists call - the Holiday Paradox. When we are on a holiday or doing something exciting, we tend to think that hours pass really quickly. New experiences will lead to lots of new memories. When we are doing our normal routine, there is less interest so fewer memories are being created.
Ricky and I at Coral Garden, Boracay
According to the psychologists, the solution for this phenomenon is to break the monotony. We should try to recreate and pack as much as possible into each day. And of course plan our vacation very well. Good thing yesterday, Malacañang released the list of official holidays for 2015 based on Proclamation No. 831.
photo credit: www.gov.ph
So watch out for seat sales, plan your VLs and pack your bags! ^__^ Let's beat the Holiday Paradox! Cheers to at least eight long weekends next year!

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