Things to bring to South Korea: My First Winter Experience

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ever since I discovered They Draw and Travel, a website that features illustrated maps from artists around the world, I've been wanting to create my own travel illustrations. I am not good in drawing but I really want to illustrate not only maps but anything related to the places I've been to. I did my first illustration for Sagada in my Slate Planner last year. And this year, I finally decided to buy my own Moleskine. You have no idea how many months I've been contemplating if I should buy one or not. 
Winter in South Korea :)
I am still working on my third illustration which will feature the Joseon Palaces of Seoul. I am still overwhelmed we we're able to visit all five, though they all look the same. It's another thing checked off my bucket list. Watch out for it! :) 

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  1. ohhh my... can't believe how great TDAT is... thanks for sharing

  2. Personally, I use faber castell watercolor pencils & color pens with my Moleskine. After I'm done, I take a clear photo using my SLR. Using a scanner would be perfect to show details clearly, but unfortunately I don't have one. I think a lot of artists in They Draw and Travel use Adobe Illustrator. I have no idea how to use it though.

  3. by the way, i was checking on how to create an illustration. do i need to purchase a tool or a software of that sort? thanks in advance :)