A Quickie Tour of Jeju Loveland

Sunday, February 02, 2014

WARNING: This page contains sexually-themed photograph and for adults only. 

who wouln't be surprised with this giant dick?! haha
I've known South Korea for its interesting history and culture that I often see in Korean Dramas. The palaces, traditional Hanok, ceramics, rice wine and Hanbok are among those things. I never imagined I would remember something kinky about SK. Lol. 
This is a door handle. I was hesitant at first to go to the comfort room because of this lol. But I guess I am not the only one. 
I am talking about Jeju Loveland, which is located in the volcanic island of Jeju, South Korea. It is an outdoor theme park that showcases over a hundred of erotic, sexy, funny and silly sculptures. These erotic sculptures and exhibitions were created by a group of art school grads from Hongik University in Seoul.
Entitled Desire. The descriptions are in Korean.
We don't really have an itinerary when we arrived in Jeju. We told Mr. Kang, our cab driver/tour gide, that we wanted to see the famous attractions in Jeju. Since we have two days to explore the island, he suggested for us to see the west attractions first because it is near our Hotel. "That's fine", we replied. We told him some interesting places we know in Jeju and one of it is Jeju Loveland.
I assume you get the idea of this one. No descriptions needed.
As we all know (well if you are a Korean Drama fan), Jeju is a popular destination for Koreans especially for couples, due to its warm climate. I learned that the island is a favorite getaway destination for honeymooners. Thus, building an erotic park, is a brilliant idea. 
Jett: May bulaklak din pala pag winter :)
It was awkward at first to walk around the park because of penis-shaped things you will see everywhere. But it is impossible not to appreciate how creative and how artistically the sculptures were done. Here's some of photos I took in Jeju Loveland, Enjoy! :)

one of the few safe for work photos
Quite a large collection of toys inside one of the buildings. I wonder if these are for sale. Who would love to get this as pasalubong? lol
Entitled Japanese Love
sorry for the silly pose. :)
This one's my favorite. I love the creativity :)
enjoying the big dick eh?! haha
lovin' the muscle definition!
for the fish eye effect :)
this one's sitting in the mini lake. I did not notice it at first but when I looked closely, there's a giant clam with uhmm something inside it. You know what it is :)
It will take an hour or less to look around Jeju Loveland. It has a restaurant, outdoor cafe, art gallery and gift shops. For more information, you can visit Jeju Loveland website right here. 

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