Easy Climb to Osmena Peak (Dalaguete, Cebu)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

It was our second day in Cebu when we went to Oslob to see the gentle giants. Despite the very hectic schedule the previous day, I was up early at 4:00 in the morning. It was the highlight of our Cebu trip and I am not gonna let it pass me by. Another thing I was looking forward to is our climb up to the highest peak in Cebu, Osmena Peak.
Highest Peak in Cebu
Though I am no mountaineer, when I saw photos online of this jagged and sharp hills that resemble the Chocolate Hills in Bohol, I promised myself I will go to the summit of Osmena Peak. 
buwis buhay habal-habal ride
The whale shark encounter ended at around 11:00 in the morning. After lunch, we headed back to Dalaguete. Because of time constraint, we decided to ride a habal-habal up to the final ascend point. No, that's just an excuse. Lol. All of us do not have any experience in hiking or mountaineering so we ended up this route :) The usual entry point to Osmena Peak is the Mantalongon Market. 
It took 45 minutes from Dalaguete town proper to reach Mantalongon Highlands. It was the longest habal-habal ride I had so far, and the most frightening (no doubt). Who would have thought, 6 people can ride a habal-habal all at the same time?! Though it scared the hell out of me, I can't help myself but marvel at the views. The view of Mantalongon Highlands is absolutely stunning! 
Nauna ako!
The town of Mantalongon is known as the vegetable basket of Cebu. It is similar to Don Salvador Benedicto in Negros Occidental which is also called a vegetable basket. Now I am beginning to learn that chilly uptown places are perfect for growing healthy greens :)
ang sabi ng pose ni japong!
Genevieve and I
From the final ascend point, it took 3o minutes to reach the summit. The trek to the top is quite easy for beginners. No joke. We were lucky because at that time there is no thick fog. We were able to do jumpshots with amazing view of Osmena Peak! Yehey! :)
Hindi ko kinaya mag jump shot dito!

Travel Notes
- From Cebu City South Bus Terminal, take a bus heading to Oslob. Get off at Dalaguete town proper. Travel time is approximately 2 hours.
- Take a Habal-habal to get to Mantalongon Highlands (100 php per pax)
- Osmena Peak is a private property so expect to pay an entance fee (20 php per pax)
- Local kids are the usual tour guide. 

Special thanks to my officemates Beb (with Japong and Ate Salve), Rod, Maki, Gerby and Kuya Bobby, Sheila
*Travelled to Cebu in November 2012*

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  1. I love the trees in Mantalongon. Para silang bonsai pero malaki. :)

  2. yep, the views are really stunning in Mantalongon ;)

  3. is there any bus early at 4am to dalaguete?

  4. Yes there is. You can actually take the earliest Ceres bus (1am) to Oslob at Cebu City's South Bus Terminal.