2013: Year in Review

Sunday, December 29, 2013

My head raced back to many months earlier, when I would spend hours and hours drafting an itinerary for my upcoming trip. I would work late into the night, with coffee brewing in the kitchen, while I patiently estimate how much would I need to finance my next adventure and how much left to allocate on my savings. 
checked off my bucket list :)
2012 is my first year of travelling. It was like an amazing race kind of year because I tried to visit as many places as possible (without thinking if I really wanted to go there or not). 2013 is quite different. This year I finally able to grasp the concept of budget backpacking. I resolved to go to the places I really want to (included in my bucket list) and NOT TO BOOK every destinations on Cebu Pac's seat sale. :)
Another one checked off my bucket list :)
I would like to highlight the things I checked off my bucket list:

Conquer Mt.Pulag ✓
Joined the coolest community in the blogosphere, Pinoy Travel Bloggers  
Travel Solo ✓
Domain Upgrade: From blogspot.com to a self-hosted dot.com :) 
Experience camping at the happy beach Calaguas ✓
Survive cave connection in Sagada 
Witness the Panag-apoy in Sagada 
See dolphins in their natural habitat ✓
Own a Prime Lens (Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G)  ✓
Compare Maya Bay (Koh Phi Phi, Thailand) and El Nido (Palawan, Philippines) ✓

achieved! :)
If there's one thing I learned from travelling, it is that being young is an opportunity. I may not have the latest Iphone or Samsung galaxy note, or I may not have my own car, but I know when I grow old, I have something great to remember. I still find myself smiling whenever I remember the places I've been to and the people I met along the road. PRICELESS. 
the only decent photo I took :)
So, in a nutshell, 2013 has been a wonderfully jam-packed year. Cheers to another wonderful or if not more epic 2014! And wishing for many highs and fewer lows, if I am allowed to wish for that :)

Happy New Year!!!
2013: Year in a Review from Milet Miranda on Vimeo.

This is my entry to Pinoy Travel Bloggers' Blog Carnival for December 2013. "The Pinoy Travel Bloggers Closing the Curtains on 2013: Love, Learn and Living" as hosted by Brenna Bustamante of The Philippine Travelogue.

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  1. What a year! Astig ng video! Ako kasi tamad magvideo kapag nasa travel :( Isa yan sa iwowork out ko this year :)

  2. Ang ganda nung Krabi, Thailand! New beach on the list! >.< I have to ask though, how did you take those shots?... :) Looks aero to me... haha

  3. Thanks! Mukha bang Aero? Nasa public tour boat lang ako nyan, medyo malaki din kasi yun :)

  4. "I resolved to go to the places I really want to (included in my bucket list) and NOT TO BOOK every destinations on Cebu Pac's seat sale. :)" --> That's a strong resolve. =) I try to remind myself that too. Congratulations on 2013 and more travels on 2014!

  5. Thanks Claire! Tama ipush natin yan! :)

  6. Ganda ng Krabi at napaka dramatic ng sagada. 4 left form your list - more travels on 2014!

  7. Salamat Christeen! cheers for 2014! :)

  8. Happy new year! More travels for 2014!

  9. Yes po. :) Haha mataas ba? Ang ganda e. hahaha Gusto ko din makapagtravel ng travel! :P Haha

  10. medyo mataas, kaya mas maganda mag picture. Kayang kaya mo mag travel noh, push mo yan :)

  11. Happy New Year dear! More travels sa atin :D

  12. Thanks Lakbay! Maybe 4 hours :) We did our cave connection on the 2nd of Nov. Panag-apoy kasi ng Nov.1. Daming ganap :)

  13. i see. we did the cave connection starting lunch, took us 2 hrs hehehehe... we still had enough time to watch the panagapoy festival! ang ganda, no?

  14. Wow ang bilis nyo! Nag start kami ng 2:30 nakalabas kami 6:30 na. Oo ganda ng panag-apoy :)

  15. congrats on the PTB membership! ;)
    survive lumiang-sumaguing? we did it on the 1st of november. how many hours did it take you?

  16. go! nakakatuwa kasi panuorin ang videos, lalo na kapag may mga funny moments with your barkada :)