Chill Out Guesthouse (Panglao, Bohol)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Whenever I plan a trip to any destination in the Philippines, I always make sure our accommodation is budget-friendly and owned by a local. I have nothing against foreign resort owners, It's just my way of supporting Philippine tourism. Naks! So Imagine my disturbed face when I found out we are going to stay in a foreign owned guesthouse in Panglao, Bohol. 
our own balcony :)
My travel buddy Rod did the research and made the reservation. He knows I don't like the idea but I tried not to whine. I told him it's fine as long as we have our own comfort room and there are no bed bugs. *Arte Much*
Welcome to Chill out! :)
I was really impressed when we arrived in Chill out. We were welcomed by a lovely garden, a bamboo bench with pillows and a friendly receptionist (Krissy). The two-storey guesthouse is bordered with bamboos and beautifully decorated with nature-inspired furniture. 
way to the main house
We reserved a fan room for three nights. Upon arrival, Krissy told us we are going to  be transferred in an aircon room because the room reserved for us is still occupied (the guest decided to stay a bit longer). She told us there will be no additional charge. Saya! :)
Going to Alona Beach is a 10 minute walk. If you don't fancy walking, there are many 'Habal-habal' that can take you anywhere. The minimum fare is 10 PHP. You also have an option to rent your own motor cycle for 300-400 PHP for 24 hours.

clean restroom
5 Things I love about Chill Out Guesthouse:

1. Clean and Nice comfort room. Once we got the room key, I immediately went and checked out the comfort room. The shower water heater is functional. The wooden floor is very nice. 

shower area
wooden floor
2. The staff are friendly and helpful. There is always available staff during the night. So if you are staying late, you can  always find someone to ask for a coffee or order food. You can always ask directions, food choices and tours. They will also tell you how much is the reasonable price for everything. Which is a great help to avoid being ripped off.   

lovely curtains
3. I love the idea of a guesthouse that resembles a "Bahay Kubo". In the Philippines, "Babay Kubo" is a basic native house constructed out of bamboos with a roof made up of palm tree. My mom used to say she prefers to live in a "Bahay kubo" than in a concrete house. I'm sure mom would love to stay here!
my favorite hammock
4. Peaceful and relaxing environment. Thanks to its strategic location, this guesthouse is away from bars and restaurants. You'll wake up to the sound of birds chirping in the morning. You'll fall asleep at night to the sounds of palm trees rustling. I personally enjoyed the beach hammock where I stayed during the night to watch the stars. 
at night
5. It is a home-away-from-home experience. What I really love about Chill Out Guesthouse is that it feels like home. Yung feeling na gusto mong syang uwian. Sure there are a lot of things you can do in Panglao, so staying indoors is not a good idea. But when I was there, I wanted to stay longer in Chill Out.

Will I recommend Chill Out Guesthouse?

I would definitely recommend this guesthouse without hesitation. Because of this experience, I realized staying in a hotel or guesthouse should also be a memory in itself. It should be something that you can happily remember just like the first time you set foot on a beach. 

For reservations and inquiries, you may contact Chill Out Guesthouse at 
Phone Number: +63 (38) 502 4480
Mobile Number: +6391 2926 5557

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