Travel Video: El Nido, Palawan 2013

Friday, August 16, 2013

Journey to Small Lagoon
I’ve been noticing a decreasing amount of photographs being taken during my trips, prolly because I am enjoying taking video footage using my Nikon D5100. I love watching my travel videos over and over again! The thing is, creating a travel video is quite tricky. It's not just taking videos, you also have to learn some editing skills. I recently downloaded Adobe Premiere CS6 30 day trial. That tool is amazing! I learned some basic editing and so far, my favorite is the Warp Stabilizer. Really useful for shaky videos. Check out the video I created featuring El Nido. 

EL Nido, Palawan 2013 from Milet Miranda on Vimeo
Best viewed in HD
Special thanks my Kapamilya officemates Maki, Jerome and Mamang

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