A Day of Solo Backpacking (Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan)

Friday, August 16, 2013

The aircraft of Air Asia landed on the runway of Puerto Prinsesa International Airport on the 2nd of August at exactly 8:30 am. It was my first time to take a plane alone. I've been on a plane numerous times, but it feels different when you are alone. It was also my first time in Puerto Prinsesa and I don't have any idea how to go around the city. Eto na yun, solo backapacker ang peg! Another thing crossed out in my bucket list
Travel solo - CHECK! Pero one day lang naman sya kaya for sure may Travel Solo 2.0 :)
When I walked out of the airport, a tricycle driver noticed I am clueless to where I am going. He asked if I am going on a city tour. I answered yes. And the haggling starts there. He said the standard city tour rate is php 700. *TAWAD* *TAWAD* He gave in to php 600. Ang mahal pa rin. If you are in a group, 600 is cheap. But if you are traveling solo, it is not reasonable. That is php 600 deducted to my php 5,000 budget! I am totally screwed! DIY tour would have been the best option. The thing is, I did not do my research prior to coming to Palawan. I was so busy I did not find a time to do my research. So there, I hopped on the tricycle and we started the three hour tour in city.

the Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral

I told Kuya Driver, I only want see three places. I asked him to take me to The Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral, Crocodile farm and the Baker's Hill. The church is the first stop. Whenever I am in a new place, I always try to visit the church first. Ayoko kasi magtampo si Bro :) We went straight to Crocodile farm after the short stop in the church. 

Thanks kuya driver for taking this photo :)
The entrance fee to Crocodile Farm is php 40. BTW, the place is now called the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center. There is a 30 minute guided tour around the facility. It's nice because the guide seems knowledgeable (I think so ^_^ ).

real bones
These are real bones extracted from a dead saltwater crocodile. It is huge! The guide said it was the same type as the famous Lolong of Agusan. Do you see the crocs skin on the wall? According to our guide, it does not have a commercial value. Those that were used for bags, wallets and other goods are from young crocs, preferably aged 3-5 years. Now you know :)
salt water crocodile
Philippine crocodile
These relatively small crocs are called Philippine freshwater crocodile. An endemic specie or can only be found in the Philippines. According to our guide, the Philippine crocodile is in danger of extinction because of loss of habitat. That is the reason why Crocodile farm was established. To prevent further decline of these species. Sugoi! (Amazing in Japanese ^_^)
walk in the mossy forest
The guided tour lasted for about 20 minutes. After that, we're on our own. We were allowed to tour the nature farm. I tried to wander alone, but the forest looks scary. I went to this small cage that has a picture of a bearcat. I peeked. Nothing's inside, so I ran. I was frightened because my imagination is crazy! I was afraid the bearcat might jump out of nowhere! This self guided tour is silly if you're chicken like me. Lol
this big heart welcomes you at baker's hill
Our last destination was the Baker's hill. It is a popular destination in Puerto Prinsesa primarily because of its fresh baked goodies. This place is perfect for pasalubong, it would be best to drop by before going home. Though I didn't buy anything, I enjoyed the fresh air in the viewing deck overlooking Honda Bay. I also took this opportunity to use my prime lens :)
the most cliche statue in baker's hill, you'll see this from almost all blogs out there :)
nice landscape
basag yung likod nyan haha
practice lang sa prime lens :)
everything is in focus :)
practice pa :)
This is the last photo before I tucked my camera away and spent my last few hours waiting for my office mates in San Jose Terminal. I started to feel sick prolly because I don't have enough sleep. The three hour city tour is OK, there's nothing special. But that's fine. The highlight of the trip will be in El Nido. Hopefully, I get to explore the rest of Puerto Prinsesa in the future. Kelan kaya yun? :) 

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