Travel Video: Bohol 2013

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Virgin Island
Ohayou! (Good Morning in Japanese) It's been raining the whole day and I got nothing else to do but to watch Jdorama. Three weeks ago, I went to Bohol with my officemate Rod. It was planned as a  party of three, but Maki's flight got cancelled on the 29th of June. So we had no choice but to proceed with the trip. Bearing in mind that we will surely spend more because there are just two of us that will divide the cost of everything. I was able to blog about our Dolphin watching experience, but I was not able to blog about other stuff. I was too lazy to do anything because of Jdoramas. So for now, let me show you a travel video I created to feature some popular tourist attractions in Bohol. Hope you enjoy! :) 

Bohol Travel Video 2013

Best viewed in HD
Special thanks to Rod, Krissy of Chill Out Guesthouse and Kathy Cubero :)

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