Doomsday Myths Debunked: 2012 Year-ender

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Doomsday Myths Debunked. Several days after the predicted doomsday, there were still no signs of apocalypse. Here I am trying to compose a decent year-ender post. lol. Actually I am still trying to metabolize every enzymes, I mean events that happened in 2012. The year was filled with a series of firsts, bitter romance and heartbreaks, underwater memories, strenuous hikes and a lot of nights waiting for Piso Fare. 
My first ever vintage collage! I know it needs a lot of improvement but hey I'm still learning! :)
So before I gobble up every bits of whatever from 2012, I would like to thank God for being so generous to me and to my Family. Thank you for the good health and for the food that is more than enough allowing us to share. Thank you for giving me a job that allows me to indulge ever so often without having to rely on my folks. Thank you for giving me friends that I know I can rely on. Okay before I start preaching, here is my 2012 Annual Report. You may now start scrolling! :)

A series of firsts worth featuring in Spot.Ph:
Cliff Diving - A sport only the brave souls can do. Lol. I was able to jump off on a Cliff in Iloilo. It was a heart-stopping moment. 

Parasailing - I would say 5 minutes is enough for this experience. I stayed up in the air for about 15 minutes and it feels like I'm gonna throw up! The view of Boracay is breath taking but I was nauseous at that time. Sigh.

Scuba Diving - Just like how Susan Roces declared in her fiery speech when Ex-Pres GMA stole the presidency, NOT ONCE BUT TWICE! I was able to dive twice this year, the first time was in Anilao and the second was in Boracay

Hitchhiking - Because I was influenced by the Movie Into the Wild, I swallowed my pride and hitchhiked in Cebu. Honestly, I had no idea that someone will give us ride. Now I can really say that Cebuanos are hospitable. :)

Got My first DSLR - I've been using point and shoot camera for two years, and this year I decided to make a jump to a DSLR. After months of contemplating, I decided to get a Nikon D5100 which is amazing! Now I am thinking to get a Prime Lens. I'll save up for that!
Deidre - my first DSLR
Learning Photoshop baby! - I learned some basic photoshop techniques this year. Enhancing colors and deleting photobombers were my absolute favorites. Thanks to the random people in Youtube. :)

My own version of I-Witness(top two eye opener for 2012):

Medical Mission in Negros Occidental - I was lucky to be able to participate in this annual medical mission. I am thankful to my company for choosing me. I hope in 2013 I will be chosen again. I learned so much in this experience. 

Whale Shark Encounter in Oslob, Cebu - This is a controversial tourism activity in Cebu which I don't want to promote. Somehow I feel guilty because I went to see the whale sharks but I am still grateful for the experience. 

Last but not the least, the Where I have been in 2012 :)

My goal in 2012 is to travel to at least 8 local destinations. I did not plan any international trips because I am not financially ready for it. But thankfully I met my goal this year. See the collage I made below. Sorry I am still too lazy to write. 

The weather in the third quarter of the year has been diabolical. The whole country was devastated by the Habagat. But even with the rain pouring, I still managed to travel to some parts of the Visayas.

8 Local Destinations CHECK!!!
Negros Occidental - Feb 2012
Anilao, Batangas - March 2012
Revisited Anawangin and Capones Island Zambales - May 2012
Iloilo - August 2012
Guimaras Island - August 2012
Boracay - Sept 2012
Cebu - Nov 2012
Revisited Laguna - Tagaytay -  Dec 2012

8 Local Destinations Achieved! :)

I am still overwhelmed looking at these photos. I can't believe I was able to travel to  8 local destinations considering the fact that I started backpacking early this year(2012). 
I was heartbroken and backpacking helped me a lot. CHARAUGHT! haha. Kidding aside, nothing is impossible if you really want something. 

So, in a nutshell, 2012 has been a wonderfully jam-packed year. Cheers to another wonderful or if not more epic 2013! And wishing for many highs and fewer lows, if I am allowed to wish for that :)

Happy New Year!!!

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