Big Give Project 2011 @ Philippine Orthopedic Center

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Every year before Christmas, our company is conducting an outreach program to different parts of the Metro. It was my first time to join and I was thankful to be part of this amazing experience. The venue is the Philippine Orthopedic Center which is a specialized tertiary hospital that caters to accident victims and orthopedic cases. 

Below are some of the snapshots which I managed to retrieve. This is a super late post by the way! :)
wacky shot from a patient with traction
For those who are not familiar with bone fracture, it is basically a broken bone. The time required for healing process is highly variable depending on the age of the patient. It takes approximately 3-4 weeks and some takes months. Imagine a kid stuck in a hospital for weeks. If I were in their position, I'll be bored to death!
a boy with a cast
The program focused on play therapy. We were assigned to pediatric patients and we provided educational toys and materials. Like I mentioned, the patients stay in the hospital for weeks so it would be beneficial for them to have this kind of activity. Children learn and grow best through play experiences.
my patient
The patient encounter made me nostalgic. I realized how much I miss being a nurse. I miss those moments of feeling I am making a difference. T_T
Nevertheless, It was amazing to be a nurse again even for a short period of time. The stories from the patient I've heard, the appreciation I received and the sight of other volunteers who showed true compassion - PRICELESS

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