The 3K Cebu Challenge: A 3D/2N Adventure

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Last July, Tiger Airways offered 500,000 domestic seats on sale which has a base fare of Php 119. I was one of the lucky passengers who scored a roundtrip ticket to Cebu for only Php 507.36(taxes included). I don't mind going there alone so I only booked for myself. When my officemates found out about the seat sale, they also booked tickets. Haha.

So what to do in Cebu? The only thing I have in mind at that time was the Whale Shark in Oslob. I immediately researched online and I found a lot of interesting places. So many places to visit, so many things to do... But I don't want to spend a fortune to experience everything. I wanted to challenge myself so I came up with a great idea.

The challenge is to spend not more than 3,000 pesos. This includes 3 day accomodation, transportation costs, roundtrip airfare, terminal fees, food, whale shark watching fee, and entrance fees. We all agreed not to include pasalubong because some of us tend to spend A LOT. I have to emphasize that lol. Parang walang bukas hahaha.

DAY 1 - Historic and Gastronomic Cebu City Tour
Cebu City 
Upon arrival in Mactan International Airport, we immediately hired a private van going to the city. Our first stop was the Basilica de Sto.Nino. I had this urge to visit the St.Nino first because I want the trip to be a success. Not just because of the challenge but also I want us to be safe. Viva Sto.Nino! :)

Places to visit:
Basilica de Sto.Nino
Magellan's Cross
Fort San Pedro
Taoist Temple

Getting around Cebu City is a piece of cake. The easiest way is to take a cab but if you are on a limited budget PUVs would do. If you don't know which route to take, you can ask the locals. Cebuanos are friendly :) You can tour the city in one day.

We travel to Dalaguete at around 3 PM. We opted to stay there because we need to go to Oslob as early as possible the next day. If you can manage to wake up at 3AM, you can stay in the city. Buses going to Southern Cebu are available 27/7 :)

DAY 2 - The Whale Shark Encounter in Oslob and Climb to Osmena Peak
Oslob and Dalaguete
I would say this was the highlight of our trip. The southern part of Cebu has a lot to offer, really. From historical attractions to natural wonders, it would be hard to decide where to go first. 

Places to visit:
Brgy. Tanawan (Whale shark encounter)
Tumalog falls
Sumilon Island
Osmena Peak in Mantalongon Highlands

The whale shark encounter had to be the first stop because feeding time is from 6 AM  to 1 PM. In the afternoon, you can visit the Tumalog falls and if time permits you can also go to Sumilon Island.

If you plan to go to Osmena Peak on the second day, you have to travel back to Dalaguete at around 1 PM. You can hire a habal-habal once you reach the Town of Poblacion. Travel to the Mantalongon Highlands takes approximately 45 minutes. You can start the trek in Mantalongon Market. Pwede nyo din dayain kagaya namin. lol. You can ask the driver to take you to the final ascend point. This is the easiest way to reach the peak :)

DAY 3 - Dalaguete Heritage Walk
On our last day, we decided to explore Dalaguete specifically the Town of Poblacion. If you are a history buff like me, this is perfect :) We woke up early, gutom lahat, lol. We had breakfast at a local batchoy house. 

Places to visit:
Obong Spring
San Guillermo de Aquitania Church, Rectory, and Belfry
Casa Real (Municipal Hall)
Poblacion Watchtower

It would be best to do the heritage walk on your last day. It is not that stressful. At least you'll have enough time to rest before you travel back to the city. It is also best to get a later flight schedule so that you'll have some time for pasalubong :)

Enjoy the video? Check out my Youtube Channel :)

It was a jam packed itinerary. A 3D/2N is really not enough. So what happened to the challenge? See the breakdown below.
breadown of expenses
Fail. But I am definitely not disappointed! With the high cost of travel these days and the number of activities you can do, you may find yourself running out of cash fairly quickly. I still consider it as a success. Maybe on my next trip I'd be able to reach my goal. Gora! :)

I'd like to thank my officemates for joining this amazing trip! You guys make traveling solo impossible! lol

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  1. P3400 for a trip that trip isn't at all disappointing, especially when it includes airfare! I've always wanted to go to Osmena Peak and Oslob! Ive heard stories that swimming with the whales harks in Oslob are more fun then in Donsol.

    I too grabbed some seats from Tiger Airways last. With some friends, we decided to book to Davao, since all of us haven't been to Mindanao! At, para sulit ang promo kasi malayo! Hahahaha managed to get a roundtrip ticket from Manila to Davao for P1400! :)

  2. wow! thanks to tiger Airways! Actually, pinag pilian ko talaga Cebu or Davao. Kaso mas gusto ko talaga Cebu muna.

    Yup 3.4k is not disappointing :) Sa dami ng nagawa ok na ok talaga!