The Pink House of Dalaguete

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Pink House
manong pedicab
Prior to leaving Manila, we did not book any lodging house or beach house in Dalaguete. I actually tried to contact some of the lodging houses but nobody bothers to reply. They don't have any website/fan pages either. So I said, BAHALA NA. Marami naman siguro dun. My friends look terrified when I said that. They were a bit hesitant of the idea. lol

'SAAN NA TAYO?!' That was the big question we had in mind when we arrived in Dalaguete. The pedicab drivers asked me where are we staying. The first thing that I think of was the Pink House which I saw online(sabi ko kay Maki, bet ko yung house kasi pang Nicki Minaj haha). They shouted in unison, 'Sa Pink House!'. Well, that's a surprise. It looks like they know where the hell it is.

When we reached the Pink House, the caretaker asked how many rooms do we need. He said the rooms can accomodate 3-4 pax and it costs 400php per night. We were 9 so 3 rooms will work for us. 133 php for a night? That's cheap eh!:)

I was expecting a fan room but look what we got :) The AC unit works fine, the catch is you can only use it for 12 hours a day. Still, not bad :) Another thing, the comfort room is ok. It's not fancy but it's functional.

rustic :)
What I like about the Pink house is that it resembles the old school lodging houses. The type where you can just walk in and pay for your stay. No reservations or advance payment required. Once you have the key, it's all yours. The caretaker did not even ask how long are we staying. Hahaha weird.

The location is also perfect for me. It's just a short walk from the market(locals call it mercado, lakas maka spanish haha). It is in the heart of the town where you can actually feel immersed with the people and culture. 

magkaka mukha sila di ba? :)
Will I recommend the Pink House?
Yes, I will recommend this to people who doesn't care much on accommodation. It is not a fancy lodging house but it offers comfort.

If you are interested to stay here, I am not really certain if you can book online/over the phone. Like I mentioned, they did not seem to get any of my texts. You can try what we did. Walk in lang :) You can also refer to Dalaguete's Website. They provided a list of lodging houses and beach resorts.

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