Habagat Season in Boracay

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The tropical paradise of Boracay is a 4km long powder white sand beach. The island is about 7km long and has several remote beaches like the Bulabog beach which, due to strong winds, considered the best kiteboarding and watersports beach in Asia. 

The weather in Boracay is categorized into two: 
Amihan (November to June) - moderate temperature, little or no rainfall. Prevailing wind from the East.
Habagat (July to October) - rainshowers tend to be heavy but short in duration. Prevailing wind from the West.

Here's a photo of Boracay during the Habagat Season. The wind blows westward into white beach. There is more rain and fewer tourist that's why the season is also called Low Season. 
The High Season starts in October and ends in May. The wind comes from the east side of the island that's why the white beach is protected. The beach is kept clean and calm. Perfect for swimming :)
Nice pa din :)
The main indicator of the switch between Amihan and Habagat is the switch in wind direction. 

Lakas ng hangin!
In this photo, you will see wooden walls/curtains stretched along the shores. You might be wondering why. The reason is that it acts as a barrier against forceful winds. According to the locals, flying sand are painful on the skin and eyes, so they had to put these barriers. These curtains do not look good on photos, but it has some purpose. :)
Kids in Boracay create sand castles for Tourists

5 Reasons to visit Boracay during Habagat Season:
1. Lesser tourists - it is easier to take stunning photos when there are fewer people on the background. :)
2. Everything is CHEAP- You can absolutely apply the law of supply and demand in Boracay. From watersports to accomodation, it is easier to get it half the original price. But of course, it also depends on your haggling skills.
3. Direct flights to Caticlan - cheaper flights to caticlan are easier to get. Expect more seat sales from airline companies during low season.
4. Extreme watersports - Though it might not be the best season for skin tanning, Boracay is perfect for extreme watersports during the habagat season. During this time of the year, extreme watersports like kiteboarding are being done in white beach where the winds are stronger.
5. Eat Pray Love - For me it is more enjoyable and relaxing if there are less tourists. 
Ricky and company :)

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I always thought Boracay is overrated. But after my first visit, I told myself, I will COME BACK! There's so MUCH to do! It has a plethora of sights and scenes and A 3D/2n or 4D/3N stay might not be enough (depends on how much you are enjoying right?) :)

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