Exploring the depths of Boracay

Friday, October 05, 2012

Early this year, I bought a Belle de Jour planner(I know it's too girly but I dont have any choice haha). I listed some of the things I want to accomplish for 2012 and one of them is Scuba Diving. I told myself I need to try this at least once in my life. Just once and I'd be happy. I celebrated my 23rd bday on March 26 and experienced Scuba Diving for the first time. That was one of the most exhilarating moments in my life! I was very happy, little did I know that I will experience it again this year. ^__^
amazing corals
Boracay has never been part of my bucket list. For me it is overrated. I booked a ticket JUST because Airphil Express had it on SALE :)
peace y'all
Months prior to the trip, I already decided what to do in Boracay. I don't really fancy the cliche stuff like helmet diving and island hopping. I only had one thing in mind that time and that was Parasailing. When we arrived in the island, a tour guide offered us a budget package for ATV ride, parasailing and helmet diving. I immediately asked him if they offer scuba diving. He said yes and it costs 1,400php. That's cheap! I paid 1,750php on my first dive in Anilao. I asked my friend to try Scuba diving. He said yes but he is a bit hesitant at first haha.

Anyhow, here's some of the photos we took. We are using Olympus Tough Series TG-820 iHS. It's not mine. I wish I can afford to buy it ^__^
starfish we're meant to fly! charaught!
I found a cute starfish and I had to dive deeper in order to get a closer look. Starfish is not a fish. According to National Geographic, it’s an echinoderm, closely related to sea urchins and sand dollars.
A clownfish playing around sea anemone
Ever wonder where a clownfish lives? Or why you always see a photo of a clownfish playing around a tube-like plant?   The reason is because they have a mutualistic relationship. This tube-like thing is actually not a Plant. It is called a sea anemone which is a close relative of coral and jellyfish. Clownfish and sea anemone live together and they protect each other against predators. When I saw this, I was really fascinated so I touched it. It feels like a jelly so I thought it's not poisonous. According to our dive master, sea anemone has poisonous tentacles. Goodness! I did not feel any sting but I was worried! Haha! A piece of advice: DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING UNDERWATER not unless you are sure it is not poisonous.
colorful nudibranch
Nudibranchs are commonly know as sea slugs. They might seem vulnerable but they do contain toxins. According to Kuya Kim, Brighter color = more toxin

We had so many underwater photos  but I just want to share my absolute favorites. Scuba Diving is frightening at first. I can still remember how scared I was when I had my discover scuba diving in Anilao. Yes it is scary but it is amazing and extraordinary! This trip in Boracay just ignited my desire to take open water certification. The world underwater is simply beautiful :)

Enjoy the video? Check out my Youtube Channel :)

I am planning to take my certification in Anilao. It is the best place for scuba diving! Hopefully by next year I will be certified. In the meantime, I will save up for that :) Good luck to me!

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  2. ^oo itry mo! maganda talaga sa ilalim ng dagat! ibang klaseng experience :)