Southern Iloilo Adventure :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Located in the Southernmost part of Iloilo, San Joaquin is considered as one of Asia's most overlooked destinations. Last May, my officemate beb invited us to visit her hometown. We were convinced because of the good things she mentioned about Iloilo. She is obviously proud of her hometown haha! What is there to see? That's our first question. I've only known Iloilo for its Dinagyang Festival. So I quickly researched the popular tourist destinations in Iloilo specially San Joaquin. Since we only had limited time, we only stayed in San Joaquin for a day. And frankly, a day or two is not enough! There is so much to see. 
The gang at Mt.ilihan
After our Guimaras Adventure, we hired a jeepney to San Joaquin. We arrived at around 7 in the evening. Beb's hometown is in Brgy. Cata-an and we stayed in Tobog Beach Resort. The next day, we started early at around 6am for our trekking to Mt. Ilihan. It's only a 30-minute trek, perfect for newbies like me. Haha.
We really enjoyed our stay there. We did some jump shots! 
Tobog Beach Resort
After trekking, we went back to the resort. SWIMMING + CLIFF DIVING. The shoreline is covered with smooth pebbles and shells. You'll not find any part of the beach with fine white sand. Nevertheless, the place is still worth visiting. The water is crystal clear and the place has interesting rock formations. We did cliff diving in this area. It was amazing! :)
We had lunch at Garin Farm. Check my post here. :)

In the afternoon, we went to San Jaoquin Church. It is another architectural masterpiece built during the Spanish Era.The bass relief depicts the Battle of Tetuan. It is said to be the only church in the Philippines with a military theme. A testament to prove that the city was once ruled by Spaniards.

and last but not the least... Campo Santo de San Joaquin

For me, this is the highlight of our San Joaquin Trip. We arrived at the cemetery when it was just growing dusk. Creepy. That's the best word to describe the place. But because I am a horror freak, I actually enjoyed our stay there. Haha. Takot na takot yung mga ka officemate ko! :) I took tons of photos!

This Baroque Oriental style cemetery chapel is made up of coral stones and red bricks. It is very elegant! It's perfect for photoshoots :) Funeral masses were held here in early times. According to beb, they no longer use the chapel. Maybe because it is also a way to preserve the place. We went back to the resort at around 7pm. Sobrang bitin! Like I said, a day or two is not enough!There's a lot to see and experience in San Joaquin! When in Iloilo, go DOWN SOUTH! :)

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