SEAFDEC at Guimaras Island

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The First Stop of our Island hopping adventure - the SEAFDEC Igang Marine Station (IMS) 

I didn't know we are heading to a research facility. It looks like a resort. When we reached the area, we were instructed to sign on their logbook and to pay 25php per head for the entrance fee. 

The scary giant grouper
Manong SEAFDEC (I don't remember his name) instructed us to follow him to the first cage. He throws a fish and a giant fish jumped to eat it. We were really amazed how big the fish is. I knew what it is. It's a giant grouper! The one I saw in Anilao when I tried scuba diving. But this one is really big! Manong said it is 24 years old. He said Groupers are carnivores and scuba divers wouldnt want to encounter them. That scares me! Good thing what we encountered in Anilao is not that big.   

Anyway, SEAFDEC is basically a research facility. According to Manong, it promotes education and training for people. A special committee of the department of Agriculture oversees the operation of SEAFDEC. 

It is constructed of floating fish cages interconnected with scary foot bridges. Muntik na ako malaglag dito! Mga carnivores pa naman alaga nila syet! The station has nursery for different marine creatures like pompano, snapper, milkfish etc. You'll learn a lot from manong! He would tell you how they reproduce, what they eat and how long they can live. He's very knowledgeable.   

He also showed us the very expensive abalone which is popular in chinese cuisine. It looks like a sea slug, I don't really have an idea if they belong to the same family. They also stock sea horses and sea cucumber. The sea horses are so tiny! Manong allowed us to touch it but I immediately return it. Feeling ko na sstress sila sa dami ng tourist na humahawak sakanila. And that's not good. 

After seeing other marine creatures, we decided to try snorkelling from the other side of SEAFDEC. Doon sa walang carnivores haha. I did not enjoy this because there's not much to see underwater. Anilao is still the best for me when it comes to biodiversity. Nevertheless, the SEAFDEC experience is worthwhile, you will learn a lot. Pang field trip ang peg! :)

Syempre picture picture muna bago umalis :)

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