Ong Bun Pension House (Iloilo City)

Friday, August 10, 2012

I recently embraced the concept of budget travel - that means spending less on airfares, other transpo costs and of course accomodation.

Two months ago, I arranged a budget trip to Iloilo-Guimaras. It was initially planned as a small group trip with my officemates Allan, Beb and Dj. But since more people at work are interested to join, we decided to open it as a team building activity. 20 people confirmed and booked a flight to Iloilo but because of the recent weather disturbance, only 13 people pushed through.

Since we are on a limited budget, I suggested to stay in a hostel/pension house. Months before the trip, I thoroughly checked blogs and reviews for cheap accomodation in Iloilo city. I found reviews about Ong Bun Pension House. I found some negative comments so I told my officemates not to expect too much haha.

A week prior to our arrival, we contacted Ong Bun Pension House. I was surprised they did not ask for a reservation fee. The receptionist informed us that the day of our stay is available.
Since we are 13 in the group, we decided to book 1 family room which costs 1120php per night and a deluxe room which costs 920php. Additional 50php for extra person. Very cheap.

Each room has a restroom. This is the first thing I checked when we arrived. The room we got has an extension with two beds. The room is very nice you wouldn't think it only costs 1,200 per night :)

That's my officemate Geov. Their flight was scheduled earlier so when we arrived, she was still asleep. Naligaw pa daw sila ng konti. BTW, You pronounce Ong Bun as ONG BON. Baka maligaw din kayo haha.

The restroom - see? very clean :)
Sorry puro restroom na emphasize ko. Maarte kasi ako pagdating sa CR haha.
Here's the extension room :)
Aside from a separate restroom, It also has its own Telly and AC :)  
The restroom in the extension

The location of the pension house is in the city. It doesnt look nice on the outside. It's like an old dormitory in Recto. You can compare the aura of the place to Recto, Quiapo or Divisoria :) Dahil para nga syang Recto, YOU HAVE TO BE EXTRA CAREFUL. Don't leave your basic street smart in Manila. You will surely need that in Iloilo City. Mag ingat sa mandurukot!

Will I recommend Ong Bun?
Yes, definitely. If you are on a limited budget and would like to get a decent but cheap accomodation, this is perfect for you. The location is just 15 minutes away from Ortiz wharf which is the jump off point to Guimaras.

For more info, visit Ong Bun's website.

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