Be close to nature at Garin Farm (San Joaquin, Iloilo)

Monday, August 13, 2012

An agricultural haven, a recreational hub and a spiritual sanctuary - that's what Garin Farm is. This place offers a balance of nature and pleasure.
As you approach the threshold, you will see different agricultural technologies and concepts. I am not really familiar with these techniques. Basta agricultural something sya! :) 
You'll see how to properly breed sheeps, goats, rabbits, pigeons, turkeys and other livestock. We actually witnessed how they feed the goats. It's very interesting!

The farm also offers recreational activities such as swimming, kayaking, zip lining and horse back riding. The man made lagoon allows visitors to go fishing and have your catch cooked.
beautiful pigeon :)
According to my officemate beb, the feeding time for pigeons is every 12 noon and 4 in the afternoon. She said it is also interesting because the caretaker will just ring the bell and the pigeons will fly towards the same direction. Unfortunately, we did not witness it that afternoon. The caretaker said they are waiting for the owner of Garin Farm because he will be the one to feed the pigeons. 
You notice I'm in my touristy mood? :)
For me, the best time to go here is during Holy week. You can climb the 456 steps towards the Divine Mercy Cross. On your way up, you will see the Ten Commandments, the Noah's ark, Adam & Eve and the 9 Major events of the life of Jesus Christ.

This view from the top is awesome! I was really exhausted when I reached this part. But when I saw the breathtaking panorama of nature, nawala lahatParang walang nangyari :)
Sorry I had so many photos to share! I just couldn't help it! You know I just recently got Deidre, my SLR and I wanted to take it out for a spin. This trip is really perfect for it! :)

For a day trip, the fee is 150 per head. It is an unlimited day pass. It is best to go early so you can explore the farm. If you plan to stay overnight or for a couple of days, the farm offers rooms from single to family rooms. 

Family Room (good for 3 persons) -  3,500PHP
Twin Rooms (good for 2 persons) - 2,500PHP
Single Rooms (for solo travellers) - 1,500PHP

Check Garin Farm's website for more info. :)

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