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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Island hopping in Guimaras Island
Guimaras may not have the finest beach sand, but it has a wild serene beauty that takes my breath away. Despite its proximity to the city, it still maintains its unspoiled atmosphere. How I wish I live in a place where I could walk for 10 minutes, and I'd be able to enjoy the beach. Anyway, here are some photos of our island hopping adventure. I know Island Hopping is a cliche but who cares?! I still enjoy it haha.
Stunning rock formations
It was not a calm boat ride. The waves are huge and nasty. My officemate Kris was very terrified, she was holding on to me the whole time. Hahaha! I was afraid not for myself but for my SLR Deidre. Gosh. Ayoko umuwing luhaan dahil nabasa sya.
It is remote, yet not isolated; comfortable yet unspoiled.
According to our boatman during dry months, tourists would normally experience smooth sea churns. At that time, the Habagat is greatly affecting Luzon especially Manila. Good thing, we still able to push through with the trip.
SEAFDEC - Pre nup Photoshoot ang peg!
I don't know how little boats can get through big waves. I was afraid it would toss us around. It was a roller coaster ride! But like what Drew Barrymore said, “If you don't take risks, you'll have a wasted soul.” Tapang tapangan ang peg :) After about 45 minutes, we reached the first destination which is SEAFDEC. We stayed there for like an hour.
Turtle Island

Second stop, the Turtle Island. I don't know if that's the real name of the Island. A couple of years back, it houses 7 Pawikans. According to manong, they released the pawikans because it would be beneficial for them to live in their natural habitat. As of now, the island has only one pawikan, and her name is Paula. :)

Thanks Jazzy for your instagram post :)
She is so adorable! I tried to carry her but she is heavy. And I think she doesnt like that. I could imagine all the tourists coming to see and carry her. Feeling ko na sstress sya. Kaya sinabihan ko mga kasama ko na ibaba na lang sya. Kawawa naman eh T_T
Raymen's Beach Resort
Unfortunately, we weren't able to visit Baras Beach. The waves made it impossible for us to navigate towards Baras. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the 3 hour Island Hopping.  It was not the best boat ride. Adventure is not a theme park, so challenges always show up before exhilaration. ^_^

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  1. cool ... di ko pa napopost yung akin ... hinawakan ko din yung turtle

  2. ^kulapitot: kawawa yung turtle, lahat yata ng pumupunta dun binubuhat sya.

    ^Manong Unyol: oo maganda jan! :)

  3. Sayang hindi kayo nakapag-Baras. Kelangan niyong bumalik! Hehehe :D

  4. ^Mica: IKR! Dun nga ako nanghinayang eh :)