UA Mission 2012: Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental

Thursday, February 23, 2012

And so this is the third day of our mission. The location is in the mountains, Don Salvador Benedicto! Exciting eh?! :)

DSB Feb 2012

The Municipality of Don Salvador Benedicto is considered as the summer capital of Negros Occidental. Primarily because it is situated in the mountains and the place is cooler compared to other municipalities in Negros Occidental. It was established as a town only last February 09, 1983 and its name was acquired in honor of the late Vice Governor Salvador Benedicto(he was part in setting revolutionary government of Negros Island during the Japaneses Occupation in WWII).

According to the town's website DSB is 2, 495 feet above sea-level and the temperature could range from  16 to 27 degrees Celsius. That is why it deserves the title of 'Little Baguio of Negros'. BTW, Baguio is around 5,000  feet above sea-level so it is still cooler than DSB. Just an FYI :)

During the trip, I enjoyed the zigzag road which is very similar to baguio. It is a rollercoaster ride! Imagine my delighted face ^___^
on the way to DSB
There are so many interesting spots in DSB like Malatan-og Falls which is just a short walk from the road. Perfect for day trips and picnics with friends and family. Unfortunately we weren't able to go there because you know, we're not here for vacation. SAD.

On our way to the venue for our medical mission, we were amazed because they have Little Rice Terraces here. It is located down stream of Poblacion which more or less looks like the rice terraces in Banawe. We were also amazed of the Pine tree lined highway. Parang nag out of country lang :) Look!
Outside the venue, there is a sidewalk market. Locals selling different merchandise such as vegetables, fish, rice, bread and bibingka, ice buko, and coffee beans. Yes coffee beans! Very native nga ang dating, you'll see them selling at sidewalks. Everytime the wind blows, you'll smell coffee beans :)

Mode of transportation is also interesting. You'll also see a lot of trucks carrying variety of agricultural products like sugarcane. Take a look at this picture. Probinsyang probinsya di ba? :)
Local goods transport
I also notice different infrastructure projects here. From public roads to government offices, all is good. Considering the fact that majority of the populace lives below poverty line, the administration was still able to develop the area. 
outside the multi purpose hall
o diba? ganda mag picture picture? :)
One thing I would like to suggest is that the admin should also prioritize public health. Because of the mission, we were able to assess the health conditions of the people. As a nurse, I was in charge of patient assessment. I was able to identify problems like poor sanitation system, water supply, lack of education specially health, and access to health care.
people of DSB waiting to be seen
I hope these issues will be addressed because this place has so much potential, so much to offer. I hope the locals would benefit once the tourism industry in this town becomes good. Isnt it nice to think that this place would someday be a top tourist destination in the visayas? Lastly, it will also be nice to visualize that someday tourists will come to visit DSB not just to see great sceneries but also to see the culture and people :)

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