Bacolod City - The City of Smiles

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Welcome to the City of Bacolod!
at Pacific Shores

This is a very delayed post cos I've been busy for the past few months. I decided to finally post this trip because I will be in the Visayas again this coming August. Whew! Excited!!!!

This is the first day of our medical mission(1st day-next post). We arrived in Silay International Airport at around 5 am. We stayed in L Fisher Hotel which is located in Bacolod. See the picture below. Nice eh?!

We stayed in Bacolod for four days and during that time I was able to appreciate the city. Wala munang kwento about the mission. Bacolod muna since I am really fascinated with this city :)

Bacolod is known as the City of Smiles because the people are friendly and genuinely hospitable. The people truly live up to its name as they show their winsome smiles and sweet Ilonggo dialect.
L Fisher Chalet
One of the wonders of Bacolod is the MassKara Festival which the city holds every October. The festival is a symbol of prosperity. It started when the sugar industry of Bacolod crashed. The government organized the festival to encourage the locals. Our Bacolod friends encouraged us to go back this October so we can experience the festival. Hopefully, I can come back someday huhu.

The Bacolodnons

The charming, smiling and hospitable people are called Bacolodnons. Most of the locals have mestizo features primarily because Negros was once ruled by Spaniards. This is what I notice when we went to San Sebastian Cathedral. Women have long lashes and pretty faces. Majority of the people speaks Ilonggo. English and Tagalog are also widely spoken and understood especially in the urban areas. The malambing accent is really noticeable. Nakakatuwa :)

Getting Around the City
There are jeepneys plying various streets and routes. Cabs are also available. But if you are staying in the heart of the city, you can do some walking. That's what we did and we really enjoyed it :) Wag matakot maligaw kasi pwede ka magtanong. Mababaet mga tao dito. Ito yata ang isa sa mga lugar na feeling ko safe ako kahit maglakad ako mag isa.


The Bacolod Chicken Inasal

After our second day of mission, our bacolod friends took us to Manokan Country. It's a stretch of carinderias selling chicken inasal and other grilled food. For about 50 pesos you can get inasal with garlic rice. You can enjoy the dish by eating with your bare hands. SOLB! Ang sarap lang, nag extra rice pa nga kami :)

San Sebastian Cathedral
The church was constructed under the Leadership of Fr. Mauricio Ferrero, OAR with the help of Military Governor Roman Pastor by the use of negros prisoners during his time. The church is one of the oldest standing churches in the Province of Negros. A testament to prove that the city was once ruled by Spaniards.
We went here because it was Ash Wednesday that time. Ilonggo ang mass! Oo nga pala wala kami sa Manila. Wala rin kaming naintindihan T_T Nag wish na lang kami haha

The People
1st day in Bacolod - Me and Edz, my co worker, decided to buy some Pandesal outside the hotel. We can't find the Bakery so we asked some random manong outside. He directed us towards the right way and of course with a smile. We decided to take a pedicab. After about 5 minutes, suddenly one of the bike's tire broke down! Imagine our shocked faces. Si manong pedicab driver naka smile lang. Nag sorry kami sa kanya, sabi ni edz kasalanan nya kasi mabigat sya masyado haha. But manong just smiled, he said that's ok, the bike's tire is pretty old so he guess it needs some replacement. Nakakahiya talaga. Pati yung mga tao sa bakery natatawa samen. Pero kay manong talaga kami nag worry kasi start pa lang ng day sira na bike nya :( Babayaran sana namin pero sabi nya wag na lang daw. Naka smile pa rin, pero hindi yung tipong plastik na smile. Naku, I hope ok lang talaga sya. 

On our last night in Bacolod, we went to Calea which is just across our hotel. We purchased several cakes like white chocolate cheesecake and mud pie. Nabaliw kami sa mud pie! sobrang sarap! Mag uuwi sana kami sa Manila kaso icecream cake sya kaya matutunaw lang. :( Really enjoyed Calea. Sana magkaroon nito sa Manila.

I know there's a lot of things about Bacolod waiting to be unfold. There are things/places that I wasn't able to visit during my stay. I hope next year I will be chosen again to be part of the mission. Manulife pick me please! :) I am so thrilled to be a part of the Urban Angels again. :)

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