Anilao Scuba Diving - MABINI, BATANGAS

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Very few people I know have tried Scuba Diving. Actually, sobrang konti lang. So I consider myself to be so lucky to experience something that for many is just a dream. I told myself, 'This is going to be an amazing birthday celebration.' :)

The first thing I heard when we arrived in Aquaventure is, "Meron daw pong nawawalang diver, magpapatulong daw po satin sa paghahanap" declared by one of the staff. Oh em gee. Someone's missing. Imagine our teriffied faces. My friend Rona asked, "Itutuloy pa ba natin? Natakot naman ako." I replied, "Oo naman, nandito na tayo. Sayang ang moment." GORA
The view outside the resort. Sosyalin :)
Special Carbonara :)
After eating, we decided to explore the place. Simple lang ang resort pero peaceful. It is quite amazing because you'll meet divers from all over the world. You'll feel that you are a professional diver as well (How I wish haha).

super amazing!
The diving part is what I love most. The resort has gear station and the staff would help you find a diving suit that fits you well. Our diving master is also nice. Very professional. We only had 15 min training. Yup, 15 minutes lang! Nagulat talaga kami kasi ang bilis! Dive agad! Pero he knows what he's doing. Talagang naging guide sya underwater. We don't have a nauticam so we don't have any photos underwater. SAD T_T pero amazing parin! Walang tatalo haha :) Check Underwater photographs here UW Photography Guide
Our dive master teaching us the hand signals :)
PERSBLAD! Kami unang nag dive! Bday girl daw kasi ako haha!
OK! After the 15 minute training, sabak na! :)
Rona and I were the first batch to go. I was having PVC(premature ventricular contractions) na sa sobrang kaba, excitement at takot. Our instructor is assisting us while we are going deeper. Instructing to decompress our ears. EFFORT to pag hindi mo sya alam gawin talaga. Pati ang tamang breathing, effort din! You have to exhale with force para hindi ka kapusin. Akala ko before pag may oxygen parang normal breathing lang. Yun pala para ka talagang kakapusin ng hininga! Dun mo na lang sya talaga mafifigure out pag nasa ilalim na.  

See this photo from UW Photography. This is exactly what you'll see in Twin Rocks. Sobrang na amaze ako dito! :)

Photo by UW Photography
If you are a non diver, there are many things to do in Anilao. You can try Snorkeling. Kahit sa mababaw maraming isda! Nakakatuwa talaga :) You can also try island hopping in Sombrero, Tingloy and nearby islands.
O diba? Nice rock formations :)
Why choose Anilao?

Anilao is the birthplace of Philippine scuba diving :) It has one of the highest concentrations of marine biodiversity in the planet and as described by UW Photography it is the “nudibranch capital of the world”. Thanks to the current locals who continuously preserve the area. Whether you are a diver or non diver, the place would offer something. Malapit na, Marami ka pang magagawa! :)

Here's the breakdown of our expenses:

Room Rate
Introdive Rate
Boat Rate
For the introdive rate, this is inclusive of dive gear, tanks and dive master fee. 

The discover scuba diving package offered by the resort is much cheaper than taking it with PADI. But of course, PADI is PADI. If you are interested to be a diver better go with PADI. Discover scuba is your first step to open water diver certification. See the PADI courses here.  

Transportation Summary
Route/Mode of Transportation
Travel Time
Manila to Grand Terminal Bauan (Batangas City bound bus)
2.5 hours to 3.5 hours
Grand Terminal Bauan to Anilao Port (Mabini/Anilao bound jeep)
30 minutes
Anilao Port to Resort (tricycle)
15 - 25 minutes

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