UA Mission 2012: La Carlota City, Negros Occidental

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On the second day of our mission, we facilitated more than 700 poor, indigent and less privileged patients of La Carlota City. This post will focus more on the mission and the people :) (baka sabihin nyo puro kami gala haha)
Getting ready :)
La Carlota City is approximately an hour drive from Bacolod City.
La Carlota’s steel drum band greets us as we arrive to a large gathering of waiting patients
parang bakasyonista lang :)
outside the Municipal Hall
The auditorium we’re stationed in La Carlota begins to fill up with patients as soon as we arrive. 
As soon as we arrive, the individual stations and supplies are already set up. Thanks to the barangay health workers :)

I can say that each day we are doing better. It was actually difficult to strategically plan the flow of each mission because of a few unpredictable elements at each outreach location. On the first day, we had a hard time because the venue is not that big. Though we still managed because of the help of the barangay health workers. On the 2nd day, as you can see, the venue is bigger.

that's me!
I was asigned in the triage area. Since I am a nurse my main task is primary assesment. We are responsible to take vital signs, health interviews and some medical interventions. We are also responsible to refer patients to doctors, eye-glass team and vitamins section.

Being a tagalog, I struggled with language barrier. Most of our patients speak ilonggo/hiligaynon and about 20% can understand tagalog. It's funny because some of us were assigned to accompany canadian volunteers. I was assigned with a canadian pulmonologist and whenever we have a patient, we both struggle. It's hard because even if I am a filipino, I still can't understand a word from my patient. Good thing, there were Bacolodnon volunteers who are always helpful. I learned some ilonggo/hiligaynon phrases like, "Isa kada adlaw tapos pamahaw." In english, once a day after meal. That's the standard spiel in the vitamins area :)
a little girl delighted with her bottles of vitamins :)(photo by Kate Taylor - UA Volunteer)
an elderly admires her new pair of glasses (photo by Kate Taylor - UA Volunteer)
It’s marvelous to think of the impact that a bottle of vitamins, simple pair of reading glasses and a pack of tylenol can have on someone who can’t afford such things and has been living for years without them. The reactions of different people were all unique but all displayed a sense of excitement and anticipation.

I felt very privileged to be part of the mission. It was amazing to see these doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other volunteers collaborate to help the patients. Through the ups and downs of this experience, we were very lucky to have the support of each and everyone. We, filipino and canadian volunteers, gained more from this mission. We realized so many things in life. Things that we should all be grateful of.

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