ILOCOS NORTE - SUR DAY 2 (10 27 2011)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

On the second day, we started with the Bangui Windmills, which is my favorite by the way. The first reason why I want to go to Ilocos.
just to emphasize it is huge!


The NorthWind Bangui Bay Project otherwise known as the Bangui Windmills are located in Bangui, Ilocos Norte. The windmills face the South China Sea and they are considered as the largest in South East Asia. I didn't realize how huge it is until I saw them. I was really amazed! They are so huge that the noise coming from the wind turbines sound so terrifying!These wind turbines capture wind energy and transformed by electrical generators to be transformed into usable energy. Oha! Very scientific! Haha! Not only an energy source, it also reduce greenhouse gases that cause global warming. Very useful indeed. 

Cape Bojeador
Next stop is this lighthouse known as Cape Bojeador. One of the best known Philippine Lighthouses. Set on a hill facing the South China Sea, it is specifically located in the town of Burgos, Ilocos Norte. This is one of the lighthouses built during the spanish era and it has served as a beacon to sea navigators for over a century. 
Galing lang ni kuya driver na photographer :)

Before we went to Laoag, we decided to go to Kapurpurawan Rock formation. The second reason why I want to go to Ilocos. Oh I forgot! I decided, not WE. Pinilit ko talaga pumunta dyan. 30 mintues rough road kasi kaya ayaw nila pumunta. And it's a little bit scary! Forest na talaga ang dadaanan. MASUKAL is the right word. Kaya I would suggest you to go there using 4x4. We were not able to go near because of the bad weather. The waves are huge! Kaya sayang nga :(

Sinking bell tower
After Kapurpurawan, 1 hour drive na to Laoag. I only posted tourist spots na gusto ko talaga, like this one, they call it Sinking bell tower. I asked our driver why is it called 'Sinking Bell Tower', he said "the tower is too heavy and it was built with sandy foundations that it has consistently sunk into the ground". Syempre hindi nya sinagot ng english yung tanong ko. Ni-translate na lang yun haha! Lumubog na lang sya sa tagal ng panahon. A person with normal height would need to bend down just to enter the tower.And you know what, It was hard taking a decent photograph of this historical landmark because of the cable wires. Parang may fiesta sa dami, asar! Pero buti na lang we were able to take  good shots :)
at Papa Pau's
Before we went to Ilocos Sur, we decided to eat in Laoag City. Ate me-an, the owner of Polaris Beach House, referred us to her friend which is the owner of Papa Pau Restaurant. So this is the Ilocano Boodle Fight! We were really amazed to see Ilocano dishes. It costs around 850 pesos and that price is reasonable. We had Puque-Puque, which is made from Eggplant, onions, eggs and garlic. We also had the famous Bagnet, which I really missed! We had pinakbet, longganisa and the crispy dinuguan. Sarap! :)

We also went to Fort Ilocandia which is the most famous hotel in Ilocos Norte. It is famous because  the hotel caters guests coming from China, Macau and Taiwan for its casino.  Our driver said it was built for the wedding of the then presidential daughter Irene Marcos to Greggy Araneta. Quite interesting eh?! Up until now, it's obvious that the hotel upholds its connection to the Marcos Family. You will see a few framed photographs of Imelda and Ferdinand like they still own the place (but I don't know, maybe).

Another property of the Marcoses, this palace is now called the Malacanang of the North. It was the official residence of the Marcos Family in Ilocos Norte before. The palace is facing the legendary Paoay Lake, which is amazing. Maiisip mo talaga, WOW! Ang dami pala talagang na kurakot nila Marcos! (peace)

Marcos' Bedroom
This elegant palace was converted into a museum after the political downfall of the Marcoses. And before we left the place, I said to my travel buddies 'Yaman nila noh? Taxes ng magulang namin yan oy!' Hahaha peace ulit! :) Tama na ang pag trashtalk sa kanila, tapos na yun :) Let's go to Paoay!
The third reason why I want to go to Ilocos. Known as the Earthquake Baroque church in the Philippines.
Karylle :)
This is the Paoay Church also known as the St.Augustine Church. It is a historical church built by Augustinian friars and its coral bell stone tower was used by katipuneros as an observation post during the Philippine revolution against the Spaniards. Oha! I've done my research this time! It's amazing how this church survived centuries and countless earthquakes. 


Baluarte, which is one of the top tourist destinations in Ilocos, is a property of Governor Chavit Singson. I was suprised to know that there is also a Casino beside Baluarte! Hmm. Anyway, Baluarte is a mini zoo where you can find numerous pets of Chavit. Kung pwede mo ngang matawag na pet ang Lion :) Free entrance dito! Yun ang maganda :)
Galing talaga kumuha ni kuya :)
The fourth reason why I want to go to Ilocos :) VIGAN!!!
Xeryl :)
ASTIG! yun lang ang nasabi ko! Vigan is truly a historic city that carries visitors to the past. The Heritage Village was recognized as part of the UNESCO World Heritage List on November of 1999. What's amazing is that these houses and structures are still being used by current locals. It has a nostalgic feel that will make you think you are one of the characters in Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo.

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