How do you deal with a BREAK UP?

Friday, September 09, 2011

“I go out on dates right away.” __________
“I go on a drinking spree.” _________
“I go through a mourning period.” _________
“I bounce back immediately.” __________

Breaking up is too hard. There’s no “right way” to end a relationship, there’s not even a “nice way.” But I think, if you want to break it off, you should at least do so in person. You owe your partner that at the least. If it’s mutual, then that’s the ideal scenario, but if it wasn’t, you should at least understand the reason for the break up. A breakup is always sad, but some can still be friends.
If you are ending a relationship, be sure that it is what you want and be certain to your reasons. When a relationship fails, it’s common for guys not to initiate the break up. How a guy or a girl deal with a break up depends on the circumstances. Sometimes when our emotions get the best of us, even the smartest people make stupid mistakes.

What I can say is that it is not the end of the world! You can grieve and cry buckets of tears! It is the relationship that failed, not you! Though recovering from a break up may take longer and harder for some, it is still be best that you learn to move on. You’ve been through a bad and worst time, give yourself time to fully recover. I’m sure it would help you a lot in your next relationship! ^-^ and besides, why mope around and be depressed when there is so much in this world to experience? ^-^ ryt?

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