Survivor: Capones Island

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The last stop of our Island hopping adventure... Capones Island :)

The Island is located off the coast of Brgy. Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales. It is about 20-30 minute boat ride from the shores of Pundaquit and an hour boat ride if you are from Nagsasa. What I notice is that the island's figure is like of a crocodile. Look.

When we're near the island, the boat man instructed us to jump off the boat. Imagine! We could not really believe what we heard. He said they can't go near the shore because the waves are huge. So we don't really have a choice but to jump. My friend rona is hesitant at first because she can't swim. So the boatman just gave her a life vest.  The boatman said, "Sige talon lang kayo, kami na bahala pag may nalunod." We just laughed. He said we don't have to worry because they will guide us. Manong said, "Dun kayo tumalon sa bandang light blue na tubig, wag sa medyo madilim." The boatman jumped first carrying our stuff, our camera of course. So we followed, we jumped one by one.

For me, THIS IS MOST AMAZING PART of the trip. The experience is so extreme! We jumped off the boat in the middle of the ocean! Ocean talaga! We are scared but at the same time we are stoked! We are just laughing our lungs out while we are swimming towards the shore. The waves are huge because it is high tide at that time and we don't really have an idea how deep the sea is.When we reached the shore we were still laughing. We rested for a couple of minutes then we started to explore the island.

This island is also known for its lighthouse which was built during the spanish era. Unfortunately, we were not able to go there. SAD.

Nice rock formation
Capones has cliffs and rocky shores on one part and white sandy beaches on the other. What is nice about this island is that there are no inhabitants! You can absolutely enjoy it for yourself. Survivor ang peg! I'm not really sure if they would allow campers here. Medyo scary kasi the waves are huge. Look!


my friend jett, I told you survivor ang peg :)
I fell in love with Capones. The beauty of the shores, the turquiose water surrounding it, the huge waves, everything! We stayed here for a couple of hours. Me and my friends just played with the waves. Kahit natatakot kami haha. Perfect talaga. This experience wake up the Dora the explorer side of me. :)

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