My Bucket List

The things I put in this bucket list should serve, in the future, to make me happy in one of two ways: 1) that I was able to spend my life in my own way, or 2) that I’ve done what I’ve promised to do. Although I look very narcissistic in this post,  I just made it up from my own head because I’m really fond of writing lists. Isn't it great to cross out something that you've always wanted to do? I created a bucket list just so I can keep track of things and because I like staring at them. As you notice, there are so many things that I haven't done yet. And I look forward to crossing them out!

  1. Own a DSLR camera, GoPro Hero 6 and DJI Phantom 4
  2. South America backpacking before my 30th birthday! Woohoo 3 years to go! 
  3. Watch sea turtles hatch and run for the ocean
  4. Swim with sea turtles in their natural habitat (pretty obsessed with pawikan hehe)
  5. Swim with the stingless jellyfish of Bucas Grande Island
  6. Step foot on Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and not get shot lol
  7. See the Basphorus Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey (bridge connecting Asia and Europe)
  8. Experience winter and try skiing/snowboarding
  9. Take a canal boat tour in Amsterdam - cliche, I know! ^_^
  10. Dive in Anilao, Apo Reef and Tubbataha Reef
  11. Experience camping at the happy beach Calaguas
  12. Out of country trip with my mother - Bali, Indonesia!
  13. Go Biking around Angkor Wat, Cambodia
  14. Go to Constantinople, now Istanbul seat of Byzantine Empire - for history nerds like me
  15. Swim with the gentle giants of Oslob, Cebu
  16. Travel solo
  17. Go on a 3-day Salar de Uyuni tour in Bolivia
  18. Survive cave connection in Sagada
  19. Be a certified scuba diver (open water certification)
  20. Learn to cliff dive
  21. See dolphins in their natural habitat
  22. Watch the Cherry Blossoms bloom in Japan
  23. See the Hachiko Statue in Shibuya,Tokyo
  24. Conquer Mt.Pulag
  25. Hike up to Machu Picchu
  26. Witness the Panag-apoy in Sagada
  27. Go snorkeling in Coron, Palawan
  28. Compare Maya Bay (Koh Phi Phi, Thailand) and El Nido (Palawan, Philippines) 
  29. Try Wakeboarding
  30. See Cristo Redentor in Brazil
  31. A trip to the Amazon Rainforest - from Peru, Brazil or Ecuador
  32. Experience Temple Run in Siem Reap, Cambodia
  33. Do a self-guided Harry Potter walking tour of London
  34. See the White Sand and Red Sand Dunes in Mui Ne, Vietnam
  35. Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Japan / Orlando / London)
  36. Pay a royal visit to the Five Grand Palaces of the Joseon Dynasty in South Korea
  37. Visit the four Baroque Churches of the Philippines (UNESCO World Heritage)
  38. Own a Prime Lens (Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G) and a Ultra Wide Angle Lens (Nikkor 10-24mm f/3.5G - 4.5G AF-S)
  39. The Grand Scandinavia Circle Tour - Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland
  40. Explore Batanes in a bicycle
  41. Journey on Trans Siberian Railway - I want to go to Mongolia and Russia!

This list is tentative. I'll update this soon, maybe tomorrow :)